The Student Demographics page is utilized to add, update and display demographic information for each student enrolled at a school site. This page is also used to add or transfer students to the current school. Importing students from Aeries Online Enrollment is also handled from this page.

Adding Students

To add a New Student, click the mouse on the Add button. A search form will display to locate a student by typing in a student's last name and first name, permanent ID number or birth date. Type the information into the field selected. Click the mouse on the Search button.

Note: It is important to do a thorough search for existing students before adding a new student. The student may have attended in the past and this gives the opportunity to match to existing records.

If no existing student is found, click Student Not Found, and you have the opportunity to search for a sibling. When searching for a sibling, this gives the opportunity to copy over some common data such as Contacts, and also automatically links the siblings together via their family key.

After adding the student, they will be assigned an ID Number and have been added to the current school.

Once the student has been added, they may be assigned the appropriate status including Pre-Enrolled, Inactive, etc. Note: Status codes are configured by the District.