The Define Required Fields page allows a district to define a list of fields that can be flagged as required when adding or modifying a record. This will ensure that a record is not added or updated if data is not entered into these fields. The Define Custom Captions page allows the changing of the User field label names. 

NOTE: The Define Required Fields page can be accessed from a school but the rules apply to all schools in the district.

The Define Required Fields page is easy to use. Evaluation of the field and data type must take place prior to setup. On the right, there are two columns, Low Value and High Value. These fields only apply to numeric fields. If these two fields are utilized, the values entered into the fields on the form will be RESTRICTED to only these values. No value outside the specified range will be allowed in those fields. 

The following tables are currently supported: 

  • Assertive Discipline (ADS)
  • Disposition - Dispositions (DSP)
  • Disposition - Expulsions (EXP)
  • Emergency Contacts (CON)
  • Course Data (CRS)
  • Demographics (STU)
  • Free and Reduced (FRE)
  • GATE (GTE)
  • GATE Referrals (GTR)
  • Immunizations (IMM)
  • Interventions (INV)
  • Language Assessment Form (LAC)
  • Lockers (LKR)
  • Master Schedule (MST)
  • Retentions (RET)
  • Scheduling Master Schedule (SMS)
  • School Options (LOC)
  • Secondary Stu Data (SSD)
  • Special Education (CSE)
  • Teacher Data and Teacher Data (Elementary Classes) (TCH)

Select the Table for the Required Fields

Click the Required check box to the right of the field and a check mark will display.

Optional fields:

Low Value: Enter the lowest value allowed to be used for this field 

High Value: Enter the highest value allowed to be used for this field  

NOTE: If the Low Value is changed to something higher than zero, then zero will be restricted from being added to this field. 

Click Save to save all selected fields being required.

These fields now display with a turquoise background when this form is accessed. This is an indication to the user that data MUST be entered into these fields. Aeries will not allow a record to be added or updated unless this data is entered. 

If information is not entered into these fields or data entered does not meet the Low/High Values or range specified, a message will display.

After selecting OK, the cursor will return to the required field and will not let you continue with adding or updating this record until this information has been entered.