Adding Students

Adding Photos


Navigate to Student Data > Student Demographics

The Student Demographics page contains Demographic information about Students, such as Birthdate, Age, Gender, Contact information, Student ID, etc., along with some basic Enrollment, Language, Program information and more. This page is also used to add new Students to Aeries, update Student information, transfer Students to the current School and import Students from Aeries Online Enrollment, when used.  Various articles describing the data entry, purpose and use of the information on this page can be found in the  Student Data Management category of articles. 

Student demographics page


Student Data (STU)Read
Mass Update
View Student Demographics page
Add New Students
Update Student Information
Delete Students
Add/change Student information using Import Data to Aeries

In addition to the above User/Group permissions, Group level permissions have the additional Field Level Security option.Restrict Groups/Portal Groups to viewing specific fields.

Adding Students

To add a New Student, click on the Add button. A search form displays to check for an existing record using the Student's First and Last names, Student ID number or birth date. Click on the Search button.

Note: It is important to do a thorough search for existing Student records before adding a new Student. The Student may have attended in the past or be enrolled elsewhere in the District, and the existing record can be copied into the new School. This avoids having duplicate Student records which may cause State reporting issues.

If no existing Student record is found, click Student Not Found, and a message asking if the User would like to Search for a Sibling appears. 

  • Clicking 'Yes' opens a search form. If a sibling is found, this gives the opportunity to copy over some common data such as Address, Telephone, Parent/Guardians and Contacts, and also automatically links the siblings together via their Family Key. Clicking 'Use Sibling' opens the Student Demographics page with a new record inserted and information from the sibling is populated.
  • Clicking 'No' opens the Student Demographic page with a new blank record inserted

The Student is automatically assigned an ID Number. See District Settings > Student Settings > Assign ID Number from district database only, not from school.

Additional information may be entered and some fields may be required for data entry. See Define Required Fields.

Once the Student has been added, they need to be assigned the appropriate Status: Pre-Enrolled, Inactive, etc. 

Note: Status codes are configured by the District on the Update Code Table (COD) page.

select a status code

Adding Photos

Photos can be added using the Mass Add Pictures tool.

To add or update a Student photo using the Demographics form, select from the icons adjacent to the Student’s photograph.

Selecting the Camera icon opens the following form.

The form utilizes your computer’s web camera to display the Live Video view with the actual picture size framed in. When the appropriate view is achieved, clicking Take Picture takes a picture and display it under Picture.  Selecting Save Picture saves the Image.

Selecting the pencil icon allows you to update an existing photograph for the Student by uploading another image file. 

Note:  A Secure SSL connection is required for  adding or updating a Student’s photo using the Demographics form.