Adding and Editing Red Flags


Red Flags are a tool available in Aeries Web for communicating key information or alerts about individual Students. Red Flags can be set on all Student Data pages, and comments can be attached to each Red Flag to communicate specific details related to it.

Users, including Teachers, can see all Red Flags that have been set within any area of Aeries. Red Flags are visible on the Information bar located across the top of Student-related pages. The tab on the bar for Flags will have a red circle with the number of flags for the Student. Clicking the tab will reveal each Red Flag and comment. The User may also click the Flag to be taken directly to the relevant page, provided they have permission to the page.

Red Flag at the top of student related pages

List of red flags for a student on the Flags tab of the information bar

Users may also query Red Flags if they have permission to the Red Flags (FLG) table. Red flags, comments and last-updated information are stored in the FLG table.  

For Users with permission, rolling over a Red Flag will show last updated date and user.

Note: All users, including Teachers, have access to view Red Flags and associated comments for Students they have access to, but may only edit Red Flags for those areas they have update access to. Parents and Students do not normally have access to Red Flags unless they are granted access to the Red Flags (FLG) table.  If Parents and Students are granted Read to FLG they can view the last-updated information.


Red Flag (FLG)ReadView ' Last updated' information
All Student Related PagesUpdateAdd and Edit Red Flags

Adding and Editing Red Flags 

To add a Red Flag to a Student, open the Student Data page that the alert is to be placed, for example, Medical History for health-related concerns and Contacts for custody issues.

Flag icon at the top of the page

Click on the Flag icon. Once selected, it turns red and a Comment box displays allowing you to enter a comment, although a comment is not required. Click on OK to Save. 

Comment box

Once saved, the Red Flag will now display at the top of all Student-related pages.

Red flag added

To edit the Red Flag text, select the Edit icon at the right of the red highlighted area, update the text, and click OK to save the changes.

When a Red Flag needs to be removed, navigate to the page where the Red Flag is set. Click on the Flag. A warning message appears requesting confirmation that the Flag should be deleted. Select Remove to clear the Flag, or Cancel to keep the Flag in place.