Session Description

In “Assertive Discipline - Data Management and Reporting”, participants will learn the procedures for managing student disciplinary actions using assertive discipline tools in Aeries. This course is designed for educators and administrators who wish to enhance their data management and reporting skills when it comes to student disciplinary actions.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Identify the components of Safe Schools Act reporting and the process for setting up suspendable offense codes in Aeries 

  • Practice creating suspension and expulsion letters using assertive discipline tools in Aeries 

  • Recognize the features of the Discipline page in Aeries for teacher referrals and discipline reports, and demonstrate navigation of the Discipline Dashboard 

  • Use the skills to configure discipline-related tables in Aeries to facilitate an efficient setup process 

  • Distinguish the differences between Discipline (DIS) and Assertive Discipline (ADS) forms in Aeries to make informed decisions when utilizing them 

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