Aeries Web is a web-based application that can be accessed from any modern Internet Browser such as Google Chrome.

Note: The login address for each district is unique. The URL, as well as login credentials, must be obtained from your school or district.

The login page will identify the District at the top of the page, and display fields for Username and Password, and below, a drop-down box will be available to select the database group and school year. After clicking Sign In, the user may be asked for a school to access for users that have access to multiple schools.

Depending on the configuration of the system an additional option may display to log into the system with a Google username and password or use Active Directory credentials to log in using Windows Authentication.

At the bottom of the login page, as well as on every page within Aeries, the current version of the software will be displayed. Updates are released frequently to Aeries Web, and the version can be useful to determine if users have access the latest features or enhancements. When contacting Aeries Support, the version number may also be asked by a support representative to help troubleshoot an issue. In the above screenshot, the Version is The first number represents the major version of Aeries Web you are running, such as Version 9. The remaining numbers represent the date in which it was released. For example, is the version that was released on September 28, 2021.

Fun Tip: The background image on the login page changes to a new image approximately every week. At the bottom of the login page, there is a link to view Background Image Info. This provides more information about the background image featured.  Fun Fact:  A number of the background image photographs were taken by Aeries Software employees and customers!