Aeries Revision Notes 7/24/2020

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Google Staff IntegrationA new option has been added to allow Google Staff Integration to manage Google account statuses. This allows the integration to suspend and re-instate accounts based on their status tag in STF.TG. Google accounts for inactive staff records were being created, fixed.
Scheduled ProcessesScheduled processes which have a configurable 'Time to Sync' option would not run when they had a NULL value in the Aeries Reporting ScheduledProcesses.TimeOfDay and DaysofWeek fields, fixed. Now, if those fields are NULL the process will run at the default 12:00AM every day.
Language AssessmentA new field has been added to track the date a home language survey was completed.
TREx ExportThe CreditCampus field will now extract the student's current school when a course was taken at a private institution. The Home Language Survey Date Administered field is now supported.
TREx ExportEnrollment logic was updated to use the Student's enter and leave dates from the STU table record, rather than the last exited enrollment record.
TREx ExportLatinoHispanic element was only extracting for Latino/Hispanic STU.ETH='Y', fixed. Course Abbreviations are now included, along with Grade Average, and Final Grade Average.
Texas State ReportingHigh School Graduation Codes (STU.HSG) can now be translated to state codes.
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