Aeries Revision Notes 6/22/2018

  • Golden State Seal Merit Diploma - This is a new page that allows users to process, print, and flag students who qualify for the Golden State Seal Merit Diploma. Permission to ACT is needed to use this page. Golden State Seal Merit Diploma
  • CALPADS Extracts - The Student Course Section Completion (SCSC) extract had the potential to create duplicate records under some circumstances, fixed. Also, SCSC records are being consolidated (credits added up) if they have the same School, Year, Student ID, Academic Term, Course ID, and Marking Period. The Discipline extract (SDIS) has been adjusted to uppercase the offense codes. EOY 1 Course and Staff Files - CRSC , SCSC and SDEM / Duplicate SSIDs cannot be submitted for the same Course Section
  • Teacher Attendance / Teacher Attendance by Photo / Teacher Attendance by Photo (New) - Under rare circumstances, teachers were not able to take attendance when navigating directly from the teacher gradebook page to an attendance page when the gradebook page was left open on the previous day, fixed.
  • Mass Change Period Absences / Mass Change All Day Code / Mass Change ATT Codes - A warning message will display when changing the date to a locked month. Also, minor visual adjustments have been made to this page. A spinning popup will now display when processing many students.
  • Classes - The warning message about using new class page has been removed from parent portal classes page.
  • SMS Board - An “Incorrect Track” error was displaying for sections with a space in the Track field, fixed.
  • Google Integration - Drag and drop was not working properly for password data elements, fixed.
  • Print Students Absent or Tardy Report - The student number field was being cut off in some instances, fixed.
  • Query - The KEEP button was not working correctly on the Query Results window when using a list query with more than one table but no fields, fixed.
  • OneRoster API - Omitting the comment data element in the PUT results endpoint was causing an error. Now a missing comment will be treated the same as a blank comment.
  • Portal Usage Log - The log was not fully expanded in Firefox browser, fixed. Also, the description for this page was renamed from "Parent Page Hit Log" to "Portal Usage Log" in the Security area.

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