Session Description

Screens used in the setup of Daily and Period Attendance, timelines and procedures for the collection and data entry of attendance using the attendance cycle.

Session Content

  • Using the Attendance Dashboard to sequence through the various attendance tasks throughout the school year
  • Procedures for Attendance setup to be performed prior to start of school
  • Setup of traditional and multi-track school calendars
  • Setup and maintenance of attendance codes
  • Initializing Attendance for new school year
  • Configuration of No Show codes
  • Dropping students as No Shows
  • Accessing and generating various reports related to Attendance

Related Documentation

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Build Terms

Intialize ATT/CAR

Attendance History

No Show Setup

No Show Guidelines

Block and Bell Scheduler

Attendance Notes

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Attendance Setup and Procedure - see PDF Attachment

Monthly Attendance Audit Check List - See PDF Attachment

Code Sample - See PDF Attachment