The Attendance Notes feature gives schools the ability to store notes specific to students for any given date.  The feature is available for all school types and for office staff and teachers.

Attendance Notes can be added from the Attendance form in either a Period or Daily Attendance school by clicking on the callout icon to the left of the selected date.  The Attendance form is accessed from Student Data Attendance on the navigation tree.  When a note has been added for a student the callout icon will turn red to indicate a note exists for the date.

Period Attendance schools can also add Attendance Notes from the Mass Change Period Absences form which is accessed from Attendance Accounting on the Navigation Tree.  This is a quick and easy way to add a note when mass adding period attendance for a group of students.   More information is available in the following articles.

Teachers can also view and add notes based on Security permissions and Portal Options.  

The Attendance Notes are stored in the Attendance Notes (ATN) table.  The table is connected to the Student table (STU) by the school code and student number.  Since these notes are stored in their own table Query can also be used to view all notes or to view specific student notes.