Security Permissions

To view Attendance Notes, users need Read permissions to Attendance Notes under Attendance/Enrollment section in Security. Parent/Student Portal Groups with Read permission to ATN will also allow a parent or student to see notes when logged into their portal account.

The minimum permissions required for adding Attendance Notes are shown in the screenshot below for users and teachers. In order to allow a user to use the Include Attendance Note option on the Mass Change Period Absences form, Mass Update permission for ATN must be granted. 

NOTE: Parent and Student Portal Groups can not be granted update permissions to Attendance Notes. In order to hide Attendance Notes from parents/students, Read permissions to ATN must be unchecked.

Portal Options

Portal Options need to be configured for teachers to view and/or add Attendance Notes. These options are in addition to the Security permissions above. 

For details on granting Teachers permission to add Attendance notes or use the Mass Apply Quick Attendance Notes feature, see Attendance Notes documentation.