The Teacher Portal Attendance Page has options for Attendance Notes to be used by teachers. Attendance Note options can be setup through the Portal Options page by an Administrator. For detailed information on how to setup these Attendance Portal options please refer to the Portal Options - Attendance documentation. 


Teachers can be given permission to Add/Update attendance notes and/or view attendance notes added by others. There is an option for Teachers to be able to do Attendance Note Quick Entry and to Mass Add Attendance Notes. 


Teacher Attendance Note

Teachers need Security permissions to the Attendance Note table and also Portal Options selected in order to add Attendance Notes.  With the permissions and portal options set for Teachers can Add and Update Attendance Notes, the teacher can click the Callout symbol in the current date column.  

A dropdown will display with the Attendance Note Codes and a comment box.  Click on the Save button when completed. The note icon will display in red after attendance note information has been saved. 

Teacher Attendance Note Quick Entry

The Teacher Attendance page can display an Attendance Note Quick Entry area when the portal option is enabled and codes have been added to the designated Quick Entry portal option area. The Attendance Note Quick Entry will display defined Attendance Note codes (ATN.CD) that the teacher can quickly check and add a note to track student participation. The Quick Entry Attendance Notes Codes will display as columns on the Attendance page to the right of the Attendance absence codes.

To add a Quick Entry Attendance Note the teacher can click on the box under the code column for the student. When a code box is selected a check mark will display in the box and a note icon will display to the right of the box. 

Clicking on the Attendance Note icon will display an Attendance note quick entry window. The note area will automatically display the Attendance Note code that is defined for the column and is not editable. A quick note can be added about the student in the note comment area.

After the Quick Entry note is saved the note icon will display red to indicate there is note information.

Mass Add Attendance Quick Notes

Teachers can Mass Add Attendance Quick Notes on the Class Attendance page when the Allow Teachers to Mass Apply Attendance Notes option is enabled in Portal Options. The Mass Apply Quick Notes button will display on the Blue Class Header when the option has been enabled. The Mass Apply Quick notes feature will add quick notes to all students in class. To Mass Apply Quick Notes for all students click on the Mass Apply Quick Notes button. 

The Mass Apply Quick Attendance Note Box will display. The down-arrow can be used to select which Attendance Note Code the teacher will add for all students.

A quick note can be added for all students in the note comment area.  When finished, click the Apply button to add the quick note for all students. 

Quick Notes  have now been added for all students. 

To delete a Quick Note remove the check mark from the desired note. The Quick Note for that student will now be deleted. It might be necessary to refresh the Classroom Attendance page to see that the Quick Note has been deleted. 


Attendance Notes added by Others

If the portal option Teachers can View Attendance Notes Added by Others is enabled, the teacher will be able to view any note information submitted by others. This is currently only for the main Attendance Note associated with the absence codes. When the teacher clicks on the note icon the original code dropdown and comment box will display and a note submitted by others will display below that. An attendance note submitted by someone other than the teacher is viewable but not editable by the teacher.