The Teacher Class Attendance Page has options for Attendance Notes to be used by teachers. Attendance Note options can be setup through the Portal Options page by an Administrator. For detailed information on how to setup these Attendance Portal options please refer to the Portal Options - Attendance documentation. 


Teachers can be given permission to Add/Update attendance notes and/or view attendance notes added by others. There is an option for Teachers to be able to add Quick Entry Notes and/or Mass Apply Attendance Notes. 


Teacher Attendance Note

Teachers need Security permissions to the Attendance Note table and also Portal Options selected in order to add Attendance Notes.  With the permissions and portal options set for Teachers can Add and Update Attendance Notes, the teacher can click the Callout symbol in the current date column.  

A dropdown will display with the Attendance Note Codes and a comment box.  These are considered regular attendance notes and when given these permissions, teachers can select from all codes listed from the code table. Select any code from the drop-down, add a comment (optional), then click on the Save button when completed. The note icon will display in red after attendance note information has been saved. The comment bubble will be located next to the regular attendance codes and the current date.

Mass Apply Quick Attendance Notes

The Teacher Class Attendance page can display a Mass Apply Quick Notes area when the portal option is enabled and codes have been added to the designated Quick Entry portal option area. To use this feature, the Mass Apply Option must be enabled on the Portal Options screen. See Portal Options for detailed information. The Mass Apply Quick Notes feature will display defined Attendance Note codes (ATN.CD) that the teacher can easily apply for students on an individual basis or by Mass Applying to an entire class.  More features have been added to filter categories for mass applying attendance codes and notes. The notes can be used to track student participation. The Quick Entry Attendance Note Codes will display as columns on the Attendance page to the right of the Attendance absence codes.  

Mass Applying Quick Notes

When teachers have the Mass Apply Quick Note option enabled in Portal Options, a "Mass Apply" grey header will display above the class periods on the teacher's Class Attendance page.  An expansion arrow will open the mass apply options and display categories based on data contained within each period.

Generally, class sections, student grade levels and programs will display by default. Additional information will display based on defined data under "Student Fields on Attendance Screen" from the Portal Options. 

(From Portal Options)

Filters must be set prior to using the mass apply option. Either leave all data defaulting as selected, this will allow mass applying to the entire page (all sections/periods for the teacher), or uncheck the "All" box for a chosen category and select the criteria you wish to use. Once all options have been set, you must select the "Apply Filter" button.

In this example, the mass apply option will be set for PE class (section 5213) only and all other categories will include all students.

Once a filter has been applied, all records included in the filter will be displayed in blue. This will help to identify the records that will be changed prior to selecting the Mass Apply Option.

After selecting Apply Filter button, the window for Mass Applying data will expand to show the mass apply options. These Mass Apply features will only display if the teacher portal group has been given proper permissions. If the teacher group only has permissions to one of these mass apply features, only the one with permissions will display. 

To mass apply the Quick Note, use the drop-down to select any code available to the teacher. A comment can be entered but is not required. Click on the Apply button under the window to add the comment or code. Mass Apply Codes and Notes have separate Apply buttons and are used independently. However, it is only necessary to apply a filter one time if the teacher wishes to mass apply attendance codes and notes to the same selected criteria. 

A green message will appear in the upper right corner indicating the number of records updated. If a quick note was entered by the teacher already with the same code, the note will not get added again.

Quick Notes have now been added for all filtered students. A checkmark now displays under the code added, and a comment bubble icon will display next to the attendance note checkbox. If there is a comment, the bubble will display red. If there is no comment, it will be transparent.

Manual Quick Entry Note Using Checkbox

To add a Quick Entry Attendance Note, the teacher can click on the box under the code column for the student. When a code box is selected, a check mark will display in the box and a note icon will display to the right of the box. 

Clicking on the Attendance Note icon will display an Attendance note quick entry window. The note area will automatically display the Attendance Note code that is defined for the column and is not editable. A quick note can be added about the student in the note comment area.

After the Quick Entry note is saved, a red bubble comment icon will display to indicate there is note information in the record. A note can be edited at any time by selecting the comment bubble icon entered by the teacher.

Deleting a Quick Note

In order to uncheck or delete the note, the teacher portal group must have Delete permissions to ATN. To delete a Quick Note for a student, remove the check mark from the desired note. The Quick Note along with the comment will now be deleted for that student. The number of days forward or back that a teacher is allowed to post or delete an attendance note is based on the settings in Portal Options. 

Attendance Notes added by Others

If the portal option Teachers can View Attendance Notes Added by Others is enabled, the teacher will be able to view any note information submitted by others. When the school is setup to use quick notes only, the teachers note (code) and comment will display at the top of the window and any note submitted by others will display below. An attendance note submitted by someone other than the teacher is viewable but not editable by the teacher. 

If the school is set up to Allow Teachers to Add/Update Attendance Notes (regular notes), selecting the comment bubble under regular notes will display notes from others for other codes except the codes defined as quick notes.