The School Settings page in Aeries is used to specify certain rules and settings and control certain functions performed within Aeries at the school level. The School Settings page can be found at the District or School level on the Navigation Tree under School Info | Configurations | School Settings. User accounts will need Read permissions to see the School Settings page and Update permissions to be able to make changes to the settings. Permissions can be given through the Security page under the School Information | School Settings area.

After navigating to School Info | Configurations | School Settings in the school, the following page will display. 


To turn on or turn off a School Setting click on the Change button and check or uncheck the appropriate checkbox. After making any changes click on the Save button to save the changes.

Note: Changes made on this page may not take effect for up to 5 minutes due to caching.

Most of the settings are stored in either the LOC or OPT tables. Each rule will is outlined below, along with the table and field name when relevant.

School Settings  

These settings were selected when the school was originally set up, and great care should be taken when making changes. It is highly recommended that changes be made FIRST in a sandbox database to be sure of the ramifications that any changes will make to the entire system. 

Display on Forms  

  • Algebra 1 Requirement. Enables Algebra 1 Requirements on student Transcripts and Graduation Status.
  • Physical Fitness Testing. Enables students' Physical Fitness information to transcripts/Graduation Status.
  • California High School Exit Exam (CAHSEE). Enables students' CAHSEE status to transcripts/Graduation Status.
  • Competency Tests. Enables students' Competency Test Score information to transcripts/Graduation Status.

Alt Ed Scheduling  

Encrypted Data Collection   

  • Click the Allow Collection of Social Security Numbers via Encrypted Student/Staff Data (ESD) box to enable users to store student SSN data in the protected ESD table. Only users with special permission to this table will be allowed to access this information.  See this document for more information: Social Security Number Exposure

Weekly Engagement 

  • Use Class Calendar Information for the Weekly Engagement Report.  This option will take information stored in Class Calendars, Gradebook, Weekly Instructional Minutes Certification and Attendance to create the Weekly Engagement Report. 
  • Attendance Note Codes on Weekly Engagement Report.  enter a comma-delimited list of the Attendance Note codes that teachers will be allowed to assign to students on the quick Attendance Notes section of the Teacher Attendance page. The Quick Attendance Notes can be used to track students' engagement and participation as required by SB-98 COVID Procedures.