The Aeries Alerts system allows Aeries Users to send Alerts and Action Alerts to Parent/Students/Teachers and other Users. The system consists of a button on certain pages for sending an Approval Request or an Alert, an Alert bell for the logged-in User, and an Alert Hub with a Review Alerts page. 

Sending Alerts/Approval Requests

An example of the process can be shown with the Academic Plan page.  

A counselor would like the Parent to approve the Students Academic Plan. After the Plan is complete, the Counselor would click on the ' Send Parent Approval Request' button.

A message box displays with a default message that is customizable by typing in the text box. The last message used will be saved as the default in the Users Options. 

Clicking on 'Send Request' notifies the Parent immediately.

Alerts Bell

When the Parent/User receives a new Alert the Alerts bell shows a red circle with the number of new Alerts

Clicking on the Alerts bell shows all Alerts. If there are more than 10 alerts in the list clicking 'View All Alerts' shows more Alerts.

Clicking on the Alert takes the Parent/User to the page where a Response is required, in this case the Academic Plan page.  A box displays for the Parent/User to respond to the Alert

Comments may be added in reply to the Alert. If the choice is 'Decline and Close' a reason must be given.

 Once answered the box will disappear but the Alert will still show under the Alerts bell with a tag containing the status

Review Alerts

This page is found under the Alert Hub navigation item. After a User sends an Alert it will appear in the My Action Alerts tab. 


  • Alerts - Alerts that came to the logged in User.  These are the same as the Alerts in the Alerts bell. (Coming Soon)
  • My Action Alerts - Action Alerts (Alerts requiring a response) which were sent out from the logged-in User.
  • All Action Alerts - All Alerts for the logged-in School. Requires Admin permissions to DAA to view

Once a Parent/User has responded, the response will show to the User who sent the Alert. 


Clicking on the Student name or Page name takes the user to the Student or Page.

Aeries Alerts API

Parent Approval requests can also be sent via the API. See the API Documentation 


DAAAlert Information and Parent ResponseRead - View Users Alerts on the Review Alerts page
Insert - Send Alerts
Delete - Delete Users Alerts from Review Alerts page
Admin - View All Action Alerts for the School
DAMAlert Message and Sending UserN/A
DAUAlert Status by RecipientN/A