Note: This feature is in Beta right now. Parent Approvals for Academic Plan are the only supported feature.

This endpoint allows 3d parties to send Alerts and Action Alerts to Parents/Students/Teachers and Users


Security Area:

  • "Alerts"


  • api/v5/SendAlert/{alert}
    • SchoolCode is required
    • For Action Alerts the StudentID or StudentNumber should be used
      • Both Parents will receive the Alert
    • For Alerts only the RecipientID is needed
    • PageID will link the Alert to a specific page. 

Field Documentation:

SchoolCodeDAA.SCintAeries School Code
StudentNumberDAA.SNlongStudent Number
StudentIDDAA.IDlongPermanent ID
OtherIDDAA.OIDstringUser-assigned ID
RecipientIDDAA.RIDlongRecipient ID - Aeries Account ID, depending on User Type is matched to:
  • UGN
RecipientTypeDAA.RTYstringUser Type
  • Parent
  • Student
  • Teacher
  • User
PageIDDAA.PGstringPage ID - See Documentation
AlertTypeDAA.TYstring"Alert" or "ActionAlert"

Example of an Alert payload:

    "Comment":"Please review the changes",


Example of an ActionAlert payload for Parent Approval of Academic Plan:

    "Comment":"Please approve the changes",