The California Education Code (EC) specifies that beginning with the graduating class of 2003-04 and each subsequent year, pupils must meet the following minimum graduation requirements for mathematics:

  1. Complete at least two courses in mathematics in grades nine through twelve.
  2. One or a combination of these courses must meet or exceed the rigor of the content standards for Algebra I.

Two fields were added to the Courses form to help monitor that a student has completed the Algebra 1 Requirement.  These two fields are the Meets Alg I Requirement (CRS.ALR) field and the Algebra I Credits Required (CRS.ALC)  field.

If this course is flagged in the Meets Alg I Requirement field you have indicated that this is the Capstone and will be used to count towards the Algebra I Requirement. 


The Algebra I Credits Required will depend on the length of the course.  For a year-long course, the credits required will typically be 10.  If a year of Algebra is broken into Fall and Spring courses, the Fall course should not be tagged, and the Spring course should be tagged for 5 credits (typically).

A field in the Course table can be used to link a combination of courses together for the Algebra 1 Requirement.  The Course Content Group (CRS.CCG) can be populated if more than one course can meet the requirement. The Update Code Table screen can be used to add new values to the dropdown. Select the CRS table and CCG field when adding codes to this dropdown.


Hon Adv Alg course (CN = 0639) and Algebra CP course (CN = 0643) are both year long courses and meet the Algebra 1 Requirement. However a student passed one semester of Hon Adv Alg course (CN = 0639) and also passed a semester of Algebra CP course (CN = 0643).  By passing both courses he has met the Algebra 1 Requirement.

If using the Course Content Group, all courses tagged with matching Course Content Group code must be tagged as Meets Alg 1 Requirement and have matching values in the Algebra 1 Credits Required field.

The following query can be run on the Course table to verify the Algebra Requirements Met field (CRS.ALR), the Algebra 1 Credits Required field (CRS.ALC) and the Course Content Group code (CRS.CCG).


The Algebra I Requirement can be printed on the Transcript.  The Optional Areas tab on the Transcript Definitions form has a selection box to Include Algebra 1 Requirements on the Transcripts. 

If the H.S. Grad Status and Include Algebra 1 Requirement options are selected the transcript will print whether or not the Algebra Requirement has been met depending on whether or not enough credits have been completed.

Below is an example of a student who has taken and passed a course in 9th grade that was flagged as an Algebra I Requirement course. 

On the right hand side of the transcript the High School Graduation Requirements displays and below these requirements Algebra I Requirement Met will be printed due to the student passing the Algebra I Requirement course.  If the student has not met the Algebra I Requirement, instead it will print Algebra I Requirement NOT Met.

Determining Which Students have Met the Algebra I Requirement

The Testing Pass Status (TPS) table includes the the Algebra I flags that identify which students have completed the Algebra I requirement (TPS.ALG) and the grade level when they completed it (TPS.AGR). 

The following query can be used to list the students with their Algebra I pass status and grade level when they passed it:


The Algebra I fields in the Testing Pass Status (TPS) table are updated one student at a time when users visit several different pages in Aeries: 
  • Profile
  • Demographics
  • Graduation Status

These fields are also updated for many students when the following reports are run for the entire school (from View all Reports):
  • Transcripts (the Include Algebra I Req in Transcript Definitions - Optional Areas  needs to be selected)
  • Graduation Status List by Student
  • Graduation Status Report by Student
  • Graduation Status Letter to Parents
  • Graduation Requirements