The Bell Scheduler is used to create Custom Bell Schedules that are different than the default Bell Schedule set on the School Options form. Examples of Custom Bell Schedules are Minimum Day, Short/Conf Day, or Assembly Day. Custom Bell Schedules can be assigned to specific days/dates on the School Calendar. The Bell Scheduler page has been modified to work in a Flex Scheduling school. 

In order to use this page, it is necessary to add the code types and descriptions to the code table first. The Update Code Table form is accessed from School Info/Configurations page on the navigation tree. The table is BSD (Bell Schedule Definition) and the field is TY (Type). Enter the Code and Description for the new Bell Schedule. All codes added are districtwide and will be available in all schools.

On the Bell Scheduler page, add a bell schedule by selecting the Add button from the Bell Schedule Details area.

A drop-down list will display from codes in the BSD table and a key will be automatically assigned based on the next available number. The Title can be renamed as needed and will display with this title instead of the default title assigned in the code table. Add the Start and End Time fields to display the desired custom time. These fields are informational only.


Creating a Custom Bell Schedule

To create the custom schedule, select a Bell Schedule, then under the Flex Schedule area to the right of the page, edit the Start and End times for each period. Each of the default periods are listed according to the FTF table and will only include periods in the current academic year based on FTF.YR. Selecting the pencil icon will allow for the period to be edited. Select the disk icon to SAVE the record. Edits to these records will insert the custom times into the FTT table.

In a Flex school, this window has been adjusted to display the Flex sequence number of the Flex Period, the Flex Period short title and description, Start and End Times of the flex period and the Time which will display the calculated length of time for each period. The total number of instructional minutes will be calculated and displayed in the bottom left corner based on the time field for all periods. All data from this window except the Time is stored in the FTT table.  

On the Flex Periods page, each period that has been assigned to a bell schedule will display.

For example, Flex period 1 is assigned to the Minimum Day schedule. The Bell Schedule start and end times match the information from the Bell Scheduler page. The data displayed on this page is informational but can be edited from either page. Changing bell schedule times from this screen will also adjust the start or end time on the Bell Scheduler page.

NOTE:  The Flex Periods page contains mock data in the Bell Scheduler Times area. If a bell schedule time has not been modified or assigned in the Bell Scheduler, the record will not reflect in the FTT table.

Adding a Custom Bell Schedule to the Calendar

A custom schedule can be copied to a calendar date by selecting the desired key, next selecting the date under School Days, then selecting Copy Schedule to This Day.

A confirmation window will display confirming the key, type and day number being copied. Selecting OK will add the custom bell schedule to this date or selecting Cancel will cancel the copy process.

Once the custom bell schedule has been added, an X will appear in the column marked Custom Bell?

The custom bell schedule can also be applied from within the Calendar page.  Navigate to Pages, then School Info-> Calendar. Select the Month and Date that the custom bell schedule will be added to. The second drop-down will contain the custom bell schedule data and will list all bell schedules available from the Bell Scheduler page. Select the desired schedule from the drop-down list, then select SAVE at the bottom of the screen.