Flex Periods can be created with start and end times which will then be assigned to particular sections in the master schedule. Times for Flex Periods Per Bell Schedules can be modified and assigned to particular days of the year such as Minimum Days. Assigning the modified Flex Period Bell Schedules takes place on the school calendar page.

Users who will be adding, modifying, and deleting Flex Periods will need full rights to table FTF. The Flex Period Times table (FTT) will inherit the security assigned to FTF and will not be visible on the Security page. 

To access the Flex Periods page, filter by Flex or navigate to Attendance Accounting > Configurations > Flex Periods.  

The checkbox 'Only the current year.' will be turned on by default and will display Flex Period records assigned to the current academic year. Uncheck the box to view any prior year or next year records if they exist.

Creating Flex Periods

Click on the Add New Record button and add the following fields:

  • Academic Year - A drop-down selection displaying the prior year, current year, and next year.
  • Short Title - Input field that will display on the section in MST and SMS. (Cannot be blank)
  • Description - Input field for additional information about the calendar. (Optional)
  • Start Time - Time can be selected using the dropdown or entered using the keyboard.
  • End Time - Time can be selected using the dropdown or entered using the keyboard.

After saving the record, a new section at the bottom of the page will display the custom bell schedules from the Bell Scheduler page.

The bell schedules can be edited to honor new start and end times on dates where a custom bell schedule is assigned to the school calendar. 

The titles cannot be edited from this page. Follow the Create a New Bell Schedule documentation for more information.