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Navigate to Attendance Accounting > Configurations > Class Calendars.  

Class Calendars are a feature that allows adding multiple calendars to later assign to multiple sections. The Class Calendar records in a Flex school replaces the Days field on the Master Schedule and controls what days the section meets and when it displays for teachers to take attendance. They can be customized for different days of the week while accounting for school holidays as stored in the DAY table. 

NOTE: In order to customize meeting days, Aeries recommends setting up one Class Calendar per Flex Period.

Future Academic Year records can also be added with generic dates when scheduling for next year.

Class Calendars are available for all school types for use with hybrid instruction and to help meet the Weekly Engagement and Participation requirements of SB-98. Teachers can certify the daily instructional minutes for their class(es) each week using the Weekly Instructional Minutes Certification page in the Teacher Portal. Use of Class Calendars in Non-Flex schools is optional if another method to certify this requirement is used.

For additional information on setting up the Class Calendars to meet the Weekly Instructional Minutes Certification requirement, click on the following documentation link: Class Calendars and Weekly Instruction minutes Certification.


Class Calendar (CCL)

Only Admin Users may Copy/Push a Class Calendar 
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Add new record
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Class Calendar Details (CCD)Inherited from CCLHidden in Security page.

NOTE: Prior to creating Class Calendars, the school Calendar and a "Year" Term must exist in the current year. 

Adding a Class Calendar  

Click on the Add New Record button and add the following fields:

  • Academic Year - A drop-down selection displaying the current year and next year.
  • Short Title - Enter the Short Title calendar name that will display on a section in MST and SMS. This field can be up to 6 characters in length and cannot be blank. This Short Title can not be duplicated in the same Academic Year.
  • Description - Enter a description for additional information about the calendar. This field is optional.
  • Rcd ID - A sequence number is automatically assigned.

Once the Class Calendar is created, the bottom half of the screen will display the dates from the school calendar.

Click on Edit Calendar to activate the calendar dates, select or deselect individual dates to add or remove from the class calendar, then click on Disable Editing to lock the dates. 

Next indicate what days the class will meet during the school year. There are two ways to accomplish this task, either Edit Calendar or Mass Select Dates. 

The Mass Select Dates button will allow mass selecting of days of the week for a specific date range as desired, and indicate the different mode(s) of instruction to be held on those dates. This is especially helpful when creating a new Class Calendar 

The 'Skip no-school days' option will ignore Holidays as defined on the school calendar.


  • Mon-Fri: Select the pattern for the days of the week the class will meet using the options set below.
  • Date range: The range of dates you want to effect with theses changes.
  • Skip no-school days: This option will ignore Holidays as defined on the school calendar. 
  • Apply to previous days?: This option will also apply these changes to any dates in the selected Date Range that are prior up to today's date. The default is to only apply changes to future dates. 
  • Remote/In Person: Selecting this option will open up the ability to describe what learning modes will be available on the selected days. When each option is checked, a selection must be made between Full Day, Partial Day, or None.
    • In Person: 
    • Remote Synchronous
    • Remote Asynchronous

In the example above, the days marked are Monday, Wednesday and Friday with the starting date of 7/03/2023 and the ending date of 08/02/2024, and will skip the non-school days. After clicking the Add Dates button, the selected calendar dates will highlight in green and be marked with the indicated choices. After adding that set of dates,  you can then choose the other days (such as Tuesday and Thursday, and mark how those classes will occur and click Add Dates button again. Click on Close when finished.  

The system will remember the last selections made, in case a change is desired. For example, in the screenshot below, the options needed to be reflected from the first day of school, so the option to Apply to previous days? was selected in order to apply these selections back to the beginning of school, 7/6/2020.

The Remove Dates button will deselect many dates based on the days selected while honoring the Skip no-school days check box.

Once the main pattern is set, individual days can be changed by clicking on the Edit Calendar button.

After the Class Calendars are set up, they can be used in conjunction with the Teacher Portal to display a Weekly Instructional Minutes page for the teachers to use to certify instructional time.

If a Class Calendar has dates enabled that exist before the first day of the school calendar, a red message will alert the user of the need to remove the dates or edit the school calendar so that the dates in both pages align.

Removing the dates in the Class Calendar for the entire week, will refresh the calendar to not display the week shown in red.

Adding Class Calendars for Next Year  

When adding a new Class Calendar record for the next Academic Year, the Mass Select Dates pop-up will load automatically and default the date ranges to the first Monday of the week of July 1 - June 30 of that following Academic Year. This is required to facilitate scheduling conflicts that occur while scheduling for next year in the current year database.

NOTE:  Dates do not have to be exact and can be changed at a later date including in the new year database after the rollover. Adding one week for the next Academic Year will be enough to allow the student scheduling process to run.

The Skip no-school days checkbox will be hidden because it does not apply since there is no future school calendar (DAY table) available.

Once dates have been populated, the dates will display and the Class Calendar record will be available to assign to sections in the Scheduling Master while scheduling for next year.

Copy/Push Class Calendars

NOTE:  Only Admin users can Copy or Push Class Calendars.

Buttons have been added to the bottom of the page to allow Class Calendars to be copied within the same school, and to be pushed to other schools. 

To copy a Class Calendar, select the Class Calendar you wish to copy from the list of available calendars on the upper left of the page. Click on the Copy Calendar button, and then add a new short title with a different name. 

After naming the calendar with a new short title, select Copy Calendar. The new calendar is now saved and copied.

If an identical short title is chosen, the window will display an alert message and the Class Calendar will not be saved:

A Class Calendar can also be pushed to other schools. Once you select the calendar you wish to Push, click on the Push Calendar Options button and you will see the following options: 

Use the School Selector to highlight the school(s) you wish to to push the existing class calendar to. If you wish to view the schools alphabetically, click on the Sort Schools By Name option.

Once you have selected all the schools you wish to push this calendar to, you can click on the Show Selected button to confirm the School Numbers that have been selected. Please note, this school selection will be retained until you log out, or switch to another school. This will make it easier to push multiple calendars to several schools. 

If there is no existing calendar with the same Short Title and Academic Year in the school(s) on the list, the calendar will be copied into each of the schools entirely. If a calendar DOES exist with the same Short Title and Academic Year, it will only replace future dates in that calendar with the contents of this calendar. However, if you select the option, Apply to previous days in pre-existing calendars?, you can modify previous days in pre-existing calendars at the selected schools.

Click on Push Calendar to complete the process. 

You will receive an email when the process has been completed. Because it overwrites any calendar with the same Short Title in same Academic Year, duplicates will NOT be created if this process is performed more than once, or if you accidentally include the school you are pushing FROM in the list of the schools you are pushing TO. The Short Title will be the same, but each will have a unique Calendar ID.

Assign Class Calendar to a Section  

To Add a Class Calendar to a section in the Master Schedule, in change mode select a Class Calendar from the dropdown list and then click on Save.

After a Class Calendar has been attached to a Section, the View Calendar link can be used to see the details of the attached Calendar. There is an option to display the Instructional Modes (Remote/In Person Details).

Query Change Options  

For schools with a Master Schedule run the following list query to identify class calendars and the sequence number needed:


Run the following CHANGE query to mass add a Class Calendar sequence number to the CSQ field of the section:

  • CHANGE MST CSQ TO # IF CN = "xxxx" 

The # symbol indicates the class calendar sequence number (CCL.SQ)

To verify: