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Period Attendance 

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Preventing Orphaned Attendance Records  

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Student Attendance Report  


The student Attendance page is utilized to update an individual student’s attendance. This page introduces a new layout and uses a combination of existing tables and new tables when a school is set up for Flex Scheduling taking Period Attendance.

For information on Attendance configurations, see Flex Attendance Options Chart.


Each table listed has a Flex equivalent which inherits permissions from the existing non-Flex table.

Attendance Data (ATT)
Class Attendance - (CAT) 
- Flex
Mass Update
View page
Add new record
Update records
Delete Records
To over-ride a locked month on the Mass Change Attendance page
Attendance Log (ATL)
Class Attendance Log (CAL) 
- Flex
View page
Add new record
Update records
Delete Records
Attendance Submission Log (ASL)
Class Attendance Submission Log (
ReadView the Attendance Submission Log page
Run the Missing Attendance report

Attendance Notes (ATN)Read

View Attendance Notes
Add Attendance Notes
Update Attendance Notes and Update on the Mass Change Period Absences form.
Delete Attendance Notes

Query-Only Security

Giving a User account Read permissions to any of the following tables will enable the ability to query the data stored.

Flex Student Attendance (Query Only) (CAT)ReadQuery the CAT table
Flex Attendance Changes Log (Query Only) (CAL)ReadQuery the CAL table
Flex Attendance Submission Log (Query Only) (CAS)ReadQuery the CAS table


ATT - Attendance Data (Existing)AL - All dayExisting field which is used to store an attendance code when entered in the All-day field on a particular date.
ATN - Attendance Notes (Existing)SE - Section Number (New)Attendance Notes will be associated with class sections as opposed to periods.
CAT - Class Attendance (New for Flex)ID - Student ID
SCL - School Code
SQ - Sequence Number
SE - Section Number
DT - Attendance Date
SID - Staff ID
AC - Attendance Code
ST - Start Time
ET - End Time
TT - Total Time
- Attendance codes entered in any of the Flex Period fields will be stored here and will be saved by Section Number. They replace the individual period fields used in traditional scheduling on the ATT table.

- Flex Period attendance codes entered by Teachers will be stored in this table.

-Security is inherited from ATT permissions.
CAL - Class Attendance Log (New for Flex)ID - Student ID
SCL- School Code
SQ - Sequence Number
DT - Attendance Date
SE- Section Number
FC - Field Code
OD - Old Data
ND - New Data
UN -UserName
IP - IP Address
SY -System
DTM - DateTime Modified
-CAL is the equivalent to the Attendance Log (ATL) table used in traditional scheduling.

-Security is inherited from ATL permissions.
CAS - Class Attendance Submission Log (New for Flex)SC - School Code
DT - Attendance Date
LT - Last Modified DateTime
FT - First DateTime
SE - Section Number
-CAS table is the equivalent to the Attendance Submission Log (ASL) table used in traditional scheduling.

-This table is used for the Missing Attendance report and the Attendance Submitted Early report in Flex schools.

-Security is inherited from ASL permissions.

Student Attendance

Navigate to Student Data > Attendance.

The Attendance page will display the following:

  • Basic demographic information on the top portion of the page.  
  • Attendance summary data fields on the bottom of the page. 
  • Tardy and Absent letter totals above the attendance calendar section.
  • The current day is highlighted in bold letter and the page will load .
  • The RED FLAG icon, located at the top left corner, which is used to flag any student with attendance issues. By clicking the flag icon, an attendance Red Flag will be created and an attendance comment can be added for a student. Before adding a Red Flag, check district protocol and procedures.

Multi-School Views

Aeries has recently enhanced Student Attendance to allow users to view a student's attendance that exists in any school the student attended in the current year. However, only the Student Attendance at the school the user is logged into will be available to edit. 

When logged into Student Attendance for a specific school, the default view is for that school. If you wish to view attendance details for this student at another school they attended, select the school from the drop-down menu. Notice that this view is Read-Only. 

The Fill Periods, Update ATT Data, Refresh Totals, and Print Readmit Slip buttons are not displayed when in Read-Only view. The Legend, Print, and Print Attendance Notes buttons are available in Read-Only view.

Attendance is only editable at the school you are logged into. 


Absence codes can have a color assigned to them through the Update Absence Code page. If colors are assigned to an absence code the colors will display on the Student Attendance page as well as the Attendance legend.

Information on assigning Absence code colors is described in this document Setup Absence Codes.

When colors are assigned to Absence codes, the Attendance page will display a color options feature so users can select how or if they want the colors to display.

Flex Period Headers

Each student will have a different number of column headers display based on the number of Flex Periods they have in their Class Schedule at any given point throughout the school year.

As the calendar page is scrolled, if the student schedule changes based on CAR records, the header display will change to reflect the matching classes per Course Attendance and will lock the period header to the top of the Attendance Calendar page. 

In the example below, this student has a class during Flex Period 5 with a Stop Date of 12/01/2023. On 12/4/2023, this student will no longer have a 5th period class and an "N/A" is noted in the header for that column. The remaining calendar days in this column will be grayed out unless another change in the student's schedule is made where it will require a Flex Period to display.

Changes to the headers may occur while scrolling through the calendar to alert the user that at one point in time, this student had or will have another class change based on CAR.

Holidays or days where school is not in session based on the school's calendar setup will display a row that is grayed out and will display date ranges if they span multiple days. 

If a particular class does not meet on a given date, the class will be grayed out for that particular day. If a class is marked as non-attendance (MST.ST = 'Y' or 'Z'), the dates will also be grayed out for that class.

Period Attendance

Clicking in the All Day code field on the Attendance form will manually input an absence code for a specific date and auto-populate all the periods assigned for the day.  Entering a code in the All Day field will populate the ATT.AL field and the Flex Period fields will populate in the CAT table.

Clicking a specific Period for a student on the Attendance form will manually input an absence code for individual periods stored in the CAT table.

Fill Periods, located below the attendance calendar, can be selected at the bottom of the form for additional options.

Selecting the Update ATT Data button, will result in the following:

  • The Update ATT Data button will update a student’s attendance for a specified date range with the selected Absence Code from the dropdown. Any Unverified absence codes (usually "A") in the period fields will be updated by this process. Classes setup as meeting on different days will be honored based on the Class Calendars assigned to the sections.
    • Update All Day code with this reason - The All Day code will be updated and will store code in ATT table (all-day code only).
    • Fill all class periods with this reason - All class periods will be updated and will store code in CAT table.
  • The Printbutton will print the student's attendance for the current year. Clicking the button will open Report Options and will include the following:
    • Start Date - Enter the start date for the report options
    • End Date - Enter the end date for the report options
    • Detailed: Include All Dates - Will include all dates beginning with the first day of the Calendar to the last Day of the Calendar.
    • Summary: Include dates where absence codes exist - Will include only dates that have any type of attendance code within the school day for all periods including the All Day Code.
  • The Print Attendance Notes button will print all notes for the entire year or a specific date range. 
  • The Refresh Totals button will refresh totals after entry on the Attendance page. Both the totals and summary sections will be updated using the latest data including the CAT table.
  • The Print Readmit Slip button will print from a receipt printer or from a laser printer.

Future Attendance Submission  

When updating future attendance, the system will prompt the user with 3 options:

  • OK
  • Cancel
  • OK (Don't Ask Again)

Selecting the OK (Don't Ask Again) button allows the user to temporarily disable any further alert notifications while updating future attendance for the current student or any other student within the first 30 days from the current date until the user leaves the Attendance page. Upon reloading the Attendance page, the notifications will be enabled again. 

If updating attendance will affect attendance totals and ADA reporting, such as the Monthly Attendance Report, a warning will display. It is recommended that attendance changes that affect ADA reporting be verified before continuing with changing the attendance data. 

Preventing Orphaned Attendance Records  

When attendance is submitted in a Flex period school, the codes are stored in the CAT table and are linked by the section number. When a class is removed from a student's schedule and period attendance records exist for the section being removed, it is important to remove any attendance after the course attendance end date, otherwise orphaned CAT records will exist.

On the classes page, when the user deletes a class where future CAT records exist after the Course Attendance End Date (CAR.ED), the user will be prompted with a notification to Delete Att Records.

To avoid leaving orphaned attendance in the system for the class period, it is suggested that the user selects Yes to delete any existing attendance records after the class has ended. Selecting No will not delete the CAT records linked to the class being removed and the records will remain in Aeries as orphaned attendance records.

Selecting No to Delete Att Records will result in a red audit error message to display at the top of the student's schedule. These errors can also be identified by printing the Attendance Audit Listing - code AJ.

NOTE:  Permission to delete the attendance record during a schedule change is inherited by the SEC permission. If a user has permission to delete the class, the user will inherit the necessary permissions needed to adjust CAR automatically and delete CAT records when the user selects "Yes" for Delete ATT Records popup alert. This special permission is only applied to this schedule change process. It is not necessary to grant the user any special permission to the ATT table in order to delete the attendance record as a result of the Delete ATT Records alert.  

Attendance Enrollment  

The Attendance Enrollment page will display enter or leave records if a student has had their Attendance Initialized or dropped. Adding an Enter code (E) is usually done in mass at the beginning of the year or individually when a student enrolls after the first day of school. If a student has their Attendance Enrollment records ended during the school year, a Leave code (L) will display. 

If a student's enrollment is ended by adding a Leave Record, the system will prompt the user to delete any existing attendance that exists after the leave date. Click Yes to delete the records.

When changing an existing leave date to an earlier date and attendance records exist, a message will display prompting to delete the records between these dates letting the user know there may be orphaned records. Click Yes to delete the records.

If the user selects to not delete these records, the student may end up with orphaned attendance records. These records will display on this page and the user with delete permissions to ATT will have the ability to delete these records individually. The orphaned records will display in two separate categories in a Flex School. 

  • All Day Attendance Without Enrollment - Will display the orphaned records coming from the All Day column which is stored in the ATT table. 
  • Class Attendance Without Enrollment - Will display the orphaned records coming from Class Attendance (period attendance) which is stored in the CAT table.

To delete these records on an individual basis, select the delete icon to the left of the date. After the message prompt appears, click OK.

NOTE: All orphaned Attendance or Class Attendance records will display on the Attendance Audit Listing. It is important to run this regularly and clean up any errors appearing on the report.

Student Attendance Report  

Navigate to View All Reports. There are two reports available for printing student's attendance:  Student Attendance Report and Print Period Attendance for all Students Report.

Student Attendance Report

The Student Attendance Report will open to a Report Options page. This report will print the currently selected student from the Attendance page. This report only prints for one student.

  • Report Format - Select the report format desired, i.e. PDF
  • Report Delivery - Email w/Link; Email w/o Link; None
  • Start Date - Enter the start date for the report options
  • End Date - Enter the end date for the report options
  • Detailed: Include All Dates - Will include all dates beginning with the first day of the Calendar to the last Day of the Calendar.
  • Summary: Include dates where absence codes exist - Will include only dates that have any type of attendance code within the school day for all periods including the All Day Code.

When the Detailed version is printed, the entire year will display on the report for each student.

When the Summarized version is printed, only days where attendance codes exist will display on the report.

All students will have a Summary at the end of the report to breakdown the attendance by period. A calculation of the Days Enrolled, Days present, excused and unexcused totals, tardies, etc. will display on the right. The Attendance Enrollment information will also display at the end of the report. 

NOTE:  The Summary information will calculate based on the Report Option's start date and end date.

The report can also be printed using the Print buttons on the Attendance page. There is a printer icon located in the upper right corner with a print button in the dropdown. Also, a print button is available below the attendance data.

The Print Period Attendance for All Students Report will print for all students in the school. A query can be used to keep only a certain group of students. The options for this report are minimal. The report can be sorted by Name and can include Inactive Students.