The Attendance Audit Listing report checks attendance data in your database against a series of logical validations. The report returns a list of students whose attendance data may be invalid. The Attendance Audit should be run on a regular basis and the errors should be cleared. If any mistakes were made, they are easier to correct when the data entry or attendance situation are fresh in the minds of school personnel. 

From the Reports navigation tree, search for Attendance Audit Listing.

At the District level, the form allows you to select the school(s) to print. If the "Don't Display Empty Page" checkbox is checked, schools without audit messages will not print on the report. 

At school and district levels, you can click on the checkboxes to "Include Inactive Students Without Attendance" and "Include Missing Exit Reason Errors" at your own discretion, depending on your attendance procedures and on how you are using the report results. 

At a school with a TK grade, a dropdown is provided for the Attendance Program code for a TK student tagged as non-ADA. If you do not tag TK students for non-ADA, or if you do not want to use this validation, leave the "Attendance Program for TK as non-ADA" dropdown blank. If the dropdown is blank, the Attendance Audit will not perform age and ADA-related validations on TK students:

If you would like to have the Attendance Audit perform the TK non-ADA validation, select the correct Attendance Program for a TK student who will not turn five years old before December 2nd of the school year. If those students are tagged with that code, the audit will provide messages to indicate whether a TK student's non-ADA tag is correct. The audit will also provide a message for TK students whose age indicates that they should be tagged for TK non-ADA, but are not.

The Monthly Attendance Summary relies on this tag for attendance totals. For accurate ADA reporting, certain TK students should be tagged for Non ADA. The Attendance Audit verification is intended to assist schools in tracking those students.

Note:  Please refer to CDE documentation on ADA procedures for TK and all students. According to the CDE's Transitional Kindergarten FAQ, TK students who turn 5 years old before December 2nd can be reported for ADA starting on the first day of the school year. TK students who turn 5 years old after December 2nd should not be reported for ADA until they turn 5.

Using Attendance Audit Results and Report Tags

Below the report options, the Attendance Audit Listing includes Report Tags information for students in the report. Please refer to the Report Tags documentation for guidance on using Report Tags. After running the Attendance Audit Listing, if students appear on the report, they can be easily included in a query using the appropriate Report Tag and Query Tag Value, as listed on the Attendance Audit form:

For example, the Attendance Audit may include students with validation messages regarding TK and ADA:

After the Attendance Audit is run, those students will be tagged in RTG.QT with AA or AB. Then those students can be included in a query:


More Information

For more information, please refer to the other documents included in Attendance and to the documents provided in Enrollment Data Management.