The Attendance Management page provides access to attendance related data so attendance clerks can view all students with an attendance entry, monitor attendance by code or date range, and easily navigate to related pages with hyperlinks for additional information in a new tab.  Since the Attendance Management page provides all the needed information and fields for attendance maintenance, using Attendance Management eliminates the need for navigating within Aeries from student to student throughout the day to enter/update attendance.  

On the Verification tab, attendance is displayed and can be quickly updated for individual students with unverified absences during a specified date range. Other absence codes may be selected and the date range can be modified. All Day absence codes can be updated or cleared. Attendance Notes can be viewed and recorded. 


A user needs ReadInsert, and Update permissions to ATT to use the Attendance Management page. Permission will automatically apply to CAT table (Class Attendance) which is used in a Flex Scheduling school. Additionally, Attendance Management users will need Read permissions to STU (Student Demographics), CON (Contacts), and ABS (Absence Codes). To view and/or create Attendance Notes, users will need Read and/or Insert permissions to ATN (Attendance Notes).

The Attendance Management page honors KEEP and SKIP queries. If a KEEP or SKIP query is in effect, a message will be displayed under the Results tab. Click Reset to end the KEEP or SKIP limiting.

Attendance Management is available under the Attendance Accounting node at the school level on the Attendance Process Dashboard. It is available under both items C. Submitting and changing Attendance and D. Daily Activities.  

It is also available by filtering Pages by "attendance management" or navigate to Attendance Accounting > Attendance Management.

The Verification tab is divided into two horizontal tabs:  Filters and Options and Results. Each tab can be minimized or displayed using theicons in the blue header bars.

Filters and Options

The Filters and Options tab allows for selection of different parameters that will be applied to select a list of students. By default, the Attendance Management page opens with only the "Unverified" absence code (usually "A") selected. If additional or different absence codes are needed, remove the checkmark in the Unverified Only checkbox to see and select from a complete list of the school's absence codes.  

If needed, check any applicable absence codes. 

The Student Search field allows the list of students to be narrowed. The list can be searched by ID Number, by Student Number, or by Student Name. A series of numbers or names should be separated by spaces, commas, or semi-colons.  

Click the Search Attendance button to refresh the list using the newly selected parameters.  


Any student who has an attendance record including one of the selected absence codes, for at least one day during the date range, will be displayed. The All Day code (ATT.AL) and the Period totals for the Flex Periods (FTF.STI) will display. 

Selecting the hyperlink for the period totals will open an additional row which will display Flex Periods and absences for that student.  Absences can be adjusted from within each flex period and changes will be saved automatically upon entering a code. 

The Fill Periods options will determine how the absence code will be entered into the student's record.

The Fill Periods drop-down contains the following options:   

  • All day code will go in every period the student has classes
  • All day code will only replace actual period absences
  • Do not allow All day code to update period absences
  • Ask whenever an All day code is entered

A Close Periods button will close the displayed flex periods. Selecting the Period Totals hyperlink can also toggle the Flex Periods to be displayed or not displayed as well.

For more information on Attendance Management, see the section under Attendance Accounting for regular non-flex schools