The CALPADS Extracts page in Aeries Web version is designed to create various CALPADS files for CALPADS submissions and perform other CALPADS functions. 

The CALPADS Extracts page can be accessed from the school or district login.   

The CALPADS Extracts page can be accessed from School Info | Imports and Exports.  The page can be also accessed from View All Forms.

The CALPADS Extracts page can also be added to My Favorites to provide easy access to the page.

The following tabs are functional at this time.  

Enrollment Update – will create the following files to submit to CALPADS:

  • SENR (Student Enrollment)
  • SINF (Student Information)
  • SPRG (Student Programs)
  • SELA (Student English Language Acquisition)

Identifiers – will create SSID Request File (SENR) and Import New and Replacement SSID files.  The import will update the students new SSID and CALPADS ELAS data into Aeries.

SELA Import - will import CALPADS ELAS data into two Aeries fields: ELAS Code (LAC.EAC) and ELAS Date (LAC.EAD)

SENR ODS Reconciliation - will import the CALPADS ODS SENR Extract files and validate the data against what is currently known in Aeries and output files for the current year.

EOY – will create the following files to submit to CALPADS:

  • Course and Staff Files - CRSC (Course Section), SCSC (Student Course Section Completion) and SDEM (Staff Demographics)
  • SDIS (Student Discipline)
  • SCTE (Career Technical Education File)
  • STAS (Student Absence Summary)


Direct Certification – tab is used to load the CALPADS Direct Certification File into the FRE table.

Other Extracts – tab is used to create the SIAD (Student Information Address) file.  Options are available to use the residential address or the mailing address.


Other Options – various options are available that need to be configured before creating extracts


Code Translations – tab used to translate Aeries codes to CALPADS codes, must be set up before creating extracts

LTEL Import – tab used to import CALPADS Language Assessment data into Aeries

Schools – displays schools to select for the extracts

Each tab available will be detailed in this document.

The following is currently in development and will be available in a future update:

  • SPRG ODS Reconciliations – Can import CALPADS Program SPRG ODS files and create new program files to send back to CALPADS.