The Fall 2 tab of the Create CALPADS Extracts contains 3 buttons, Create Staff Files (SDEM, SASS), Create Course Files (CRSE, SCSE) and Create Post-Secondary File (PSTS).  Each button will create extracts to upload to CALPADS for the Fall 2 reporting submissions.  The files are detailed below.

More information is available at the following link:  CALPADS Fall 2 Reporting

  • Fall 2 Info Day - Verify that the date is the correct Info date for the current year

Create Staff Files


  • Staff Demographics (SDEM)

            Includes demographic information on certificated staff, including employment start and end dates, total years of 

            service in the education field, and total years of service in the given LEAs.

  • Staff Assignment (SASS)

            Includes job classification information on all certificated staff, as well as job assignment information for 

            certificated staff in non-classroom based assignments.

Create Course Files


  • Course Section File (CRSE)

            Includes Course Section and Staff information including Course ID, Course Name, State Course Code, 

            Course Content Code, and other Course information.

  • Student Course Section File (SCSE)

            Includes Student Course Section information including student information and UC/CSU Code and Academic 


Post-Secondary File

  • Post Secondary File

The Post Secondary File extract applies to the previous academic year cohort. Students with a proper completion code and a matching Cohort Year (STU.CHT) will be extracted from the prior year database when the PSTS Extract is processed during the Fall 2 submission. See CALPADS Extract  Fall 2 Post Secondary (PSTS)  for more information.

NOTE:  The Fall 2 extracts do not honor Aeries KEEP or SKIP statements or the skip “STU.TG” or “STU.SP” options on the Other Options tab. All students with enrollment and CAR records as of the Fall 2 Info Day will be extracted. CALPADS must determine the number of students in any class to calculate the average class sizes.