The EOY - End of Year Files tab is used to create the following files to submit to End-Of-Year files to CALPADS: 

  • Create Course and Staff Files button will create the following files:
    • CRSC - Course Section Completion
    • SCSC - Student Course Section Completion
    • SDEM - Staff Demographics
  • Create Incident Files button will create the following files:
    • SINC - Student Incident 
    • SIRS - Student Incident Result
    • SOFF - Student Offense
  • Create Career Technical EducationFile
    • SCTE - Career Technical Education File
  • Create Work-Based Learning File
    • WBLR - Work-Based Learning Records file
  • Create Absence SummaryFile
    • STAS - Student Absence Summary

Please refer to the following articles for more information:

The Student Absence Summary (STAS) file is a new extract in Aeries Web required for the 2016-2017 End of Year Reporting (EOY) that will enable the calculation of student-level chronic absenteeism rates.  The STAS file will extract Attendance Summary information from the Attendance History (AHS) table. Detailed attendance data will not be sent to CALPADS, only totals for the various aggregates.

It is important to review the Absent Code (ABS) table.  New options have been added that will be needed for the Student Absence Summary (STAS) file.  Attendance History (AHS) table has also been updated with new fields that will be used for the Student Absence Summary (STAS) file.  A link to the Configure Attendance History Nightly Update is on the page.

Below are links to detailed documentation: