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The Work-Based Learning extract (WBLR) is designed to capture different ways students can show workforce readiness. These records may in the future help students meet the career portion of the College/Career Readiness Indicator on the CA Dashboard. These are collected each year for students in Grade 9-12 as part of the CALPADS EOY Submission. 

The page can be found at Student Data > Other > Internships or by typing 'Work" into the Filter Pages box. 

Additional fields have been added to the Internships page to capture additional types of Work-Based Learning Records and capture all the data needed. The table is a card-style, which allows multiple records to be captured for a student. Only active records are displayed by default, click on the checkbox to Include Inactive Internships.


Users need at least Insert and Update to the Internships table (ISP) in order to add records. They must also have at least READ to the Employers table (EMP).

Adding a new record  

Click on the Add button on the Header. This will active a sub-menu where the data can be entered. The additional fields that were added to the Internships page are highlighted below:

NOTE:  Because the Internships page is tied to the Employer's page, all Internship records must have an employer record. The default value is set to 0. Because some Work Based Learning Records are NOT Employer-Based, it is recommended that Districts create a record in the Employer table with the code of 0, and title it "Not Employer-Based". 


Dropdowns in this area are hard-coded with CALPADS valid codes. 

  • Work-Based Learning Type (ISP.WT): A coded value representing the work-based learning that the student completed during the academic year, in any grades 9-12. 

  • Employer Evaluation (ISP.EE)A coded value representing the student’s performance in the internship as evaluated by their employment supervisor. Required for Internships; values are hard-coded.


  • Total External Hours (ISP.TXH):  The count of hours that the student spent outside of school in a work-based learning activity for types 10, 15, and 20 in the academic year being reported.  While the hours are outside of classroom, the work-based learning activity is tied to the Internship, Student-Led Enterprise, or Virtual/Simulated Work-Based Learning. Rounded to whole numbers.
  • School Sponsored (ISP.SCS)An indication of whether the school, district, or county played a direct role in securing the internship for the student. A “Y” would indicate that the school, district, or county played a direct role in securing the internship. An “N” would indicate it did not. 
  • Certificated Supervisor (ISP.CS):An indication of whether the internship was part of a program supervised by a certificated staff member of the school, district, or county. A “Y” would indicate that the internship was part of a program supervised by a certificated staff member of the school, district, or county. An “N” would indicate that it was not.
    • If this field is tagged as Y, it is expected that the teacher for that section would be the one to supervise it, and can log Visits on that Internship record.
  • Section (ISP.SE)This dropdown will list the sections the student is currently enrolled in. Enter the section number if the Work-Based Learning Record is linked to a specific class, whether or not it is a CTE course.

Required Fields  

For the Work-Based Learning Records that re included in the WBLR extract, some field are required for certain Work-Based Learning Record Types. Please refer to the chart below: 

NOTE:  Internships by Teacher is currently being developed to support these new fields. Additionally, we are analyzing the CPO functions to support this new method of extracting this information on the WBLR Extract.