Enrollment by ELAS, LTEL, and At-Risk by Grade The LTEL Import tab is used to load the CALPADS Long-Term English Learner (LTEL) and At-Risk LTEL data File into the Aeries Language Assessment (LAC) table.  Importing the LTEL file is a two-step process due to the size of the state file. The pre-process will create a new file that will only contain the information pertaining to the district. The new file can then be uploaded and the Language Assessment data updated.  

Note:  The LTEL file that can be imported into Aeries comes from emails from CALPADS@cde.ca.gov.   The initial notification is sent to the district superintendent and then another email contains download instructions and passcodes.  The LTEL file is not available on the CDE/CALPADS website.  The LTEL file on the CDE/CALPADS website includes totals by district and cannot be imported into Aeries.  

The Language fields for Long Term English Learner (LAC.LT) and Years as English Learner in US School (LAC.YEL) will be updated from the file.

The LTEL Import will update/add LTEL data only.  The import does not clear the previous year's LTEL data fields.  If a newly redesignated student (RFEP) was LTEL in the prior school year, the data in LTEL fields will not be changed by the LTEL Import. The management of these data fields is a district decision.

  1. Districts can leave the data in the fields and use a KEEP statement to limit to current ELs when querying LTEL data from Aeries.
  2. Districts can clear the fields with a change query.  Only students in the current LTEL Import will reflect the LTEL data.   

The Aeries CALPADS LTEL Import allows a district to import the full file available from the California Department of Education.  The process will create a new file with just students in your district based on the CDS code in the file.  If you already have just your district file, that can be imported also.

In order for the file to import correctly:
a) the file must be in a fixed-length format.
b) the file must have a '.txt' extension.
c) preferably, have the entire state file stored locally. It will process faster.

From the LTEL Import tab on the CALPADS Extracts page, the following page will display:

Click on the Select Full LTEL File (the entire state file) button and browse to the full state .txt file and click on Open.

Click on the Pre-process the LTEL File button after loading the entire state file. A text file of just your districts students will display. Save the file on your computer.

To load the new district file into Aeries, follow the steps below.

  1. Click on the Select Your District LTEL File button and browse to the file
  2. Click on the Load Selected File button to load the file
  3. Review LTEL File - after the file is loaded, the data can be reviewed.  The popup will display the information from the file.

4. The Update LAC.LT and LAC.YEL button will load the Language Assessment fields for 

    Long Term English Learner (LAC.LT) and Years as English Learner in US School (LAC.YEL) 

    from the file for any students with the LTEL status of either LTEL or AtRisk 

5. Overwrite existing LTEL Values option – This option will overwrite any LAC.LT and LAC.YEL values 

    with the new values in the file. You should ALWAYS choose this option.

6. An email will be sent when the update is complete.  Below is an example of the email.

So, a total of 3 records were updated with information from the file. 

Once the import is completed, the newly added data will reflect on the Language Assessment screen under Other Information in the LAC.LT (LTEL) and LAC.YEL (Years EL) fields.