NOTE: This tab has been retired as of 7/1/2021, as a results of CALPADS retiring the SIAD extract as of that date.

The Other Extracts tab is used to create the SIAD - Student Information Address File.  In the past, there were options available to use the residential address or the mailing address.  However, on February 4, 2021, the CDE and CALPADS requested that Aeries (and other SIS vendors) change their extracts to only send the mailing address. There are several reasons for this change: 

  • The Student's mailing address is needed for testing assessment mailing information.  The SIAD Extract tab was created to enable districts to upload a mailing address file to CALPADS.  This address information will be provided from CALPADS to assessment vendors during a district testing assessment window.  
  • CDE confirmed that the Direct Certification process matches on the parent's mailing address, so this change should not results in fewer matches. The SINF extract will also always extract the mailing address. 
  • Other California agencies will be using the student mailing address in CALPADS to send direct COVID benefits that they student/parent may be qualified to receive.
  • For this reason, it is suggested that for homeless students who do not have a stable mailing address available, that schools should use either the District's address or School's address. This will allow the school to distribute any of these benefit mailings directly to the students.