It is imperative that the Absence Codes are entered and verified correctly for each school.  The codes are stored in the Absence Code (ABS) table.  Several options have been added that are needed for the Student Absence Summary (STAS) file. 

Below are the options that need to be configured:

  • Temporarily Not Enrolled
  • Independent Study – Complete or Incomplete
  • Suspension

NOTE:  If any changes are made to the Absence Code (ABS) table, then the Update Attendance History function will need to be run to update the Attendance History table.

Please refer to the following document for detailed information on Absence Codes:  Absence Codes

Here is a link to the Frequently Asked Questions page for the STAS Extract. It has information related to common errors for this area and how to resolve them. See STAS FAQs. or EOY 3 FAQs.