These procedures are applicable for SELA Extracts and ELPAC testing for TBD students prior to the start of the school year.

Due to information in the CALPADS Update Flash 138, Aeries has created a new SELA Extract for “To Be Determined” (TBD) Students.  This will allow LEAs to give the Initial ELPAC test prior to the start of the school year, particularly for incoming kindergarten students.  

The new extract will create a SELA file for TBD students as of the day prior to the ELPAC testing date in the new year database.  This file will allow LEAs to load the raw scores and the test completion date into the TOMS Local Scoring Tool (LST). Based on the loaded scores, the LST will provide the LEA with an overall scale score, an overall performance level, and a new (calculated) ELAS of English Learner (EL) or Initial Fluent English Proficient (IFEP) which is determined by the overall performance level.

The Create SELA Extract for TBD Students button is located on the Create CALPADS Extract page on the Identifiers tab.

The following must be completed in order to have students extracted in the SELA Extract for TBD Students:

  • An SSID Identifier Request has been imported for the new students in the new year database.  This process creates an enrollment SENR record in CALPADS for the new school year.
  • The student must have a "TBD" code in the Student Demographics Language Fluency field (STU.LF).  The STU.LF code must be translated to the valid CALPADS "TBD" code in the CALPADS Code Translation form.
  • A Test Scores (TST) record for the Test ID of "ELPAC" needs to be entered for the students in Aeries.
    • Test ID: Enter "ELPAC".  If "ELPAC" is not available in the Testing ID drop down, the Client update of July 10th needs to be applied.
    • Test Date:  Enter a Test Date of on or before the current date.  The SELA file will be created with the "ELAS Start Date" of a day prior to the Test Date.  If a SELA file is submitted with a date in the future, error SELA0215 will be generated:  English Language Acquisition Status Start Date must be less than or equal to current date
    • Part 0 is the only part needed.


Note:  The Mass Add Student Related Data form can be used to mass enter Test (TST) records for these students.  A Query KEEP can be applied before using the form to mass add the ELPAC test records.