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Aeries Revision Notes 10/27/2017

An Aeries Update was just released with the following enhancements and fixes:


  • System-wide - Hard-coded ("fixed") codes used by Aeries can now be inactivated at the customer's discretion so they will no longer appear in drop-down lists throughout the system. Simply add the fixed code to the Code Table (COD) using the Update Code Table page and make it inactive using the Status tag. As an example, to prevent 504 plan records from being entered into the PGM table, add code "101" to the Code Table for PGM.CD and inactivate it. Our documentation here has been updated to outline this new feature.
  • Student Data Audit - This report has been updated and now includes CALPADS validations. For a detailed description of the validations performed, please review the documentation here.  
  • Aeries Mobile Portal App - Changes have been made to support the upcoming Aeries Mobile Portal App.  
  • Student Demographics - This page now includes the Counted in CBEDS (STU.CIC) flag. Field is read-only as it is populated when running the Student Counts report for CBEDS Information Day.
  • CALPADS Extracts - The Student Language Acquisition File (SELA extract) has been updated to honor keep/skip statements. Click here for documentation.
  • Supplemental Attendance Sign In - This page, called from the QR code report, will now ignore passive port information at the end of an IP Address as it caused the "Custom text for failed login attempts by students" to display for some students even when logged into a school's wifi.  
  • Supplemental Attendance by Student - This page was blocking the [Enter] key when using Student Search since the 9/26 update, fixed.  
  • Supplemental Attendance by Teacher - This page now allows users to select teachers by Staff records instead of Teacher records, allowing non-teacher staff to take Supplemental Attendance from this page. Added logic to only show the "check in" controls when a valid session is selected, and to give a detailed warning when the session has no calendar defined. Also selecting a Staff record from the list was scrolling back to the top of the list, fixed.  
  • Student Add - This process when adding students from an existing sibling will no longer copy the Free and Reduced (FRE) records.  
  • Attendance History - This page now handles displaying information from multiple linked districts (beta).  
  • Special Education - The General and Student Services tabs can now handle displaying information from multiple linked districts (beta). Also, the Student Services tab will display the message "Please add a student disability (General tab) before adding student services." if the student doesn't have any disability data.  
  • Extracurricular Activities - The Activities tab now handles displaying information from multiple linked districts (beta).  
  • Activities and Awards - This page now handles displaying information from multiple linked districts (beta).  
  • Content Standards Scores - This page now handles displaying information from multiple linked districts (beta).  
  • Test Scores - This page now handles displaying information from multiple linked districts (beta).  
  • Google Integration - The API backoff algorithm would retry failed requests even if the error code was not retryable, fixed.  
  • Aeries Communications - More API calls were being made than what was needed, fixed.  
  • 504 Plan Report - A typo on the 504 Plan Report has been fixed.  
  • Internships - This page was giving an error since the 10/4/2017 update, fixed.  
  • Mass Add Student Related Data - Hard-coded ("fixed") codes did not display as available selections when there were also COD table codes created for the same field. Now the combined fixed codes and user-defined codes will display.  
  • Student Profile - The Career Pathway widget now displays the pathway names properly.  
  • Send Emails - When using a KEEP query or searching for groups of email addresses, the form will now prevent search results/KEEP containing more than 500 students. This limit is to prevent page timeout issues when adding too many recipients from a single search. More than 500 emails can be sent by doing multiple searches. Aeries recommends splitting large email jobs into multiple batches using appropriate KEEP queries as needed. The Send Emails form was never designed as a school- or district-wide mass communications system. Districts needing a more robust communications solution are encouraged to sign up for the Aeries Communications platform.  
  • Grades by Teacher - This page was showing all records for teacher 0 when GRD.TN2 = 0 or GRD.TN3 = 0, fixed.  
  • Classes / Classes New - The Print Changes reports weren’t limited by the selected terms, fixed.  
  • Classes New - If a student has classes taken at both regular and alternative ed scheduling schools, the classes schedule wasn’t displaying, fixed.  
  • Course Requests/Schedule - Attempting to sort from the 'Left' column (clicking on the Left column) when viewing SMS was giving an error, fixed.  
  • Initialize ATT/CAR - At the district, if any selected schools have been initialized, a checkbox with a warning message including school codes will be displayed before the process can be initialized. Also, the section presenting the number of students without assigned teachers is grouped by school  
  • Grades - When adding a new GRD record, all terms were not initially showing, and users with update permission and no delete permission were able to delete records, fixed. Also, the recompute button will now be hidden for teachers while outside of the grading window in portal options.

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