View All Reports - Student Groups Issue - Fixed 3/31/2017

As of the 3/17 version of Aeries Web, the feature to select a student group from the View All Reports page is not functioning correctly. An immediate workaround for this issue is to select the student group from School Info | Student Groups, and click on the Use This Group button which essentially works the same as selecting the group from View All Reports. Once the Use This Group button has been clicked, the desired report can be run as normal.

The fix for this issue has been identified and programmed, and is currently in quality control being tested. We expect to ship this fix in the next update.

In addition, the Report Delivery dropdown on this page is also not saving the user preference as it should. This will be fixed and shipped at the same time as the other fix.


This issue has been fixed with our 3/31/2017 update.

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