Known Issue - Student Photos may not display correctly in other sizes - Fixed 12/16/2016

An issue currently exists where the large version of a student photo could be different than the smaller version displayed on various pages. When the user clicks on a student photo, a different photo may be displayed. This happens when a user uploads a student photo individually, or mass updates photos using the Aeries Client. Once a student photo is viewed or updated within Aeries Web, a copy of that image is stored in the database (PIC table) in various sizes. The Aeries Client did not account for this and only updated the original sized image, and not the smaller image fields stored in the database.

We will be making changes to the Aeries Client to correct this issue.

We are seeing this problem on Aeries CS 2016_365 installations.  Is there a fix for this yet?

Actually yes. This particular issue was resolved on 12/16/2016, almost a year ago now. Running AdminCS with any version after 12/16/2016 should have resolved this issue. However, I see you mentioned Office 365, so perhaps you are referring to a different issue with student photographs in the Client. You might want to contact support to troubleshoot that issue. That sounds like a different issue.

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