To download the ELPAC or IELPAC student results you must first log into TOMS from the ELPAC Website. 

For the "Initial" IELPAC student score data file:

 For the "Summative" ELPAC student score data file:

NOTE: Different test administrations may be available for download. Updated student score files in TOMS can be re-imported into Aeries. Re-importing the test scores will not produce duplicate records as long as the test id, test part, test date and student ID are the same. If the “rescored”  test records have the same test date then they will overwrite the existing testing records with the new scores. If the “rescored” test records have a new test date, then the import process will create new testing records. It is always a good practice to import an updated score file in a sandbox database first to see if it will cause any duplicate test records.