Aeries is designed to meet the requirements of attendance accounting and reporting in Texas. The Texas - Attendance Reconciliation Knowledge Base articles provide instructions for the Aeries pages that facilitate these requirements. 

The TEA Student Attendance Accounting Handbook (SAAH) provides the official attendance accounting requirements for all public school districts and open-enrollment charter schools in Texas and should be carefully reviewed. Each district must establish and maintain a procedures manual that provides specific, detailed information on the district’s school attendance accounting system, as described in the SAAH, section 2.2.5 Attendance System Procedures Manual.

Reminder: For official attendance accounting purposes, Excused and Unexcused absences do not exist. Students present at the official attendance-taking time are counted present for funding purposes.

To ensure that attendance is accurately reported, the following practices are recommended. Also, see Texas - Managing Hybrid Attendance and Scheduling for 2020-2021 for procedure change recommendations for COVID-19.

Attendance Setup



The following permissions must be set in Security for users who will be managing attendance accounting.

Aeries Page/Report
ActionTableUser Permissions Needed
Attendance Reporting Periods
ViewARP (Attendance Reporting Periods)Read
ModifyRead, Update
Add or Delete

Read, Insert, Update, Delete

Update Absence Codes

AddABS (Absence Codes)

Read, Insert, Update