Attendance must be reconciled at the end of each six-week reporting period by both the campus and the district. 

See Permissions information below.

Campus Steps:

  • Recommended: Distribute Class Rosters to all teachers for verification signatures. Teachers should confirm that the class list is accurate as of the date run.

  • Use the Attendance Management page to find any remaining unverified absences (All Day Code or Period Code). Select Unverified Only and make sure there are no records listed under Results.

  • Run the Gain and Loss Report to ensure that all new and withdrawn students are accounted for.

  • Run the Students With N or More Absences Report which lists students with a specified minimum number of absences for a specific date range and absence code. This report will find students who may have absences that only qualify for funding up to a specified number of days, such as the number of college visit days allowed by TEA for ADA funding. If a student exceeds that number, the district may consider those excused absences, but the student is considered absent for attendance accounting purposes. Another code may need to be assigned for absences that exceed N.

    • Observing religious holy days, including two travel days 
    • Attending a required court appearance, including two travel days
    • Visiting an institution of higher education
    • Playing “Taps” at a military honors funeral

See SAAH 3.6.3 Requirements for a Student to Be Considered Present for FSP (Funding) Purposes for complete information.

  • Run the Attendance Audit Listing Report and Course Attendance Audit Report to ensure that no errors remain.

    These reports serve as a crosscheck between the Attendance Enrollment (ATT/ENR) and Course Enrollment (CAR) records and will find discrepancies such as days where a student has attendance enrollment without any course enrollment, or students who started a course before being enrolled in attendance. All discrepancies should be resolved.

    Note: The ADA Elig field on the student Demographics page should align with the dates on Attendance Enrollment. If not, the message "ADA Eligibility does not match current enrollment record" is displayed on the Demographics page.

  • Verify that all status changes and special program entry/leave dates are recorded accurately.
  • Run the Attendance Notes Report for the reporting period to provide documentation of the verification process.

  • Run the audit reports:
  • Submit all reports and signed documentation to the district office.

District Steps:

  • Confirm that all school documentation is correctly signed and dated.

  • Run the three audit reports and verify ADA calculations for each school:
  • Schools should resubmit all reconciliation reports after any attendance errors have been resolved.

  • After the district verifies and certifies the six-week attendance data, Lock the Attendance Reporting Period to ensure the future integrity of the data. This features is not available yet for Texas but is coming soon.

    The ability to unlock an attendance period should be limited to very select users. If an attendance period is unlocked and attendance changes are made, the district should be notified of the changes, and the school must resubmit the all reports so that the changes are reflected and ADA is recalculated.

  • Districts must retain all records proving eligibility for audit purposes for the amount of time specified in the SAAH. Information for all FSP attendance reports must be available for audit purposes for five years from the completion of the school year.


The following permissions must be set in Security for users who will be completing these reconciliation steps.

Aeries Page/ReportActionTableUser Permissions Needed
Attendance ManagementUpdateATT (Student Attendance)Read, Insert, Update
STU (Student Demographics)
CON (Contacts)
ABS (Absence Codes)
View notesATN (Attendance Notes)Read
Create notesATN (Attendance Notes)Insert
Student Attendance Detail ReportPrintATT (Student Attendance)
CSE (Special Ed)
ARD (Attendance Reporting Details)
RecomputeARD (Attendance Reporting Details)Mass Update
Print SSNESD (Encrypted Student Data)Read

Student Attendance Campus Summary Report

PrintATT (Student Attendance)
CSE (Special Ed)
ARS (Attendance Reporting Summary)
RecomputeARS (Attendance Reporting Summary)Mass Update
Student Attendance District Summary ReportsPrintATT (Student Attendance)
CSE (Special Ed)
ARS (Attendance Reporting Summary)
RecomputeARS (Attendance Reporting Summary)Mass Update
Attendance Notes
ViewATN (Attendance Notes)