Aeries SIS Security can be set up in three different security areas; Users, Groups and Portal Groups.

Users – The area where log-in accounts are created.

Groups - The area where permissions can be set up for Groups. Members of a Group will inherit permissions from that group.

Portal Groups - The area where Portal Group permissions can be set up for Parent, Student, Teacher and Substitute Teacher accounts.

Permissions can be set up separately for all three areas, and Field level security can be used with Groups and Portal Groups for Student Data, Emergency Contacts, and Staff forms. Security can be set at the District or School level. Only an Aeries Administrator account will be able to access the Security area.

Security in Aeries is form based. If a user has appropriate permissions to a form, they can access that form without concern for permission to each underlying table in the SQL database that is accessed by the form.

There are three main SQL tables used by Aeries to implement security: UGN, UGA, and UGP. The security set up in Aeries Web Version is separate from the security set up for Aeries Client Version.

UGN – Stores information about Users and Groups

UGA – Stores information about User and Group Memberships and Associations

UGP – Stores information about permissions granted to Users and Groups

To set up security, the Aeries Administrator must login to the default database as defined by the AeriesNetConnections.config file. All databases within the same database group will look to that default database for security. Multiple tiers exist in the default database to specify permissions for Current Year, Last Year, and Before Last Year. Below is a sample AeriesNetConnections.config file, annotated with explanations of this concept.

To set up security permissions, click the Security node on the navigation menu. The different security areas where permissions can be set up will display under the Security node: Users, Groups and Portal Groups.