Session Description

In “Standards Based Grade Reporting for Elementary Schools”, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of the grade reporting cycle for Standards Based Grade Reporting (SBGR) in elementary schools. The course will cover essential topics such as assigning students a Report Card Type, entering grades, and generating various reports related to SBGR. Please note that this course does not cover the initial setup of report cards. For information on creating report cards, please refer to Session 401-1.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Discover how to initialize SBGR Grade Reporting Periods, ensuring a smooth and organized process 

  • Explore the different methods for inputting SBGR Marks for students manually, allowing for accurate and detailed grade reporting 

  • Discover how to generate report cards that effectively communicate student progress and achievements 

  • Demonstrate how to access and utilize the Report Card History and Standards Based Grade History for a comprehensive overview of student performance 

  • Acquire knowledge and skills to navigate the SBGR process effectively, ensuring accurate and meaningful grade reporting 

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