Display and Update Standards Based History

Update Grade History for a Particular Student

Print Elementary Transcript

Copy Marks To Standards Based Grade History

 Navigate to Standards Based Grades > Functions > Copy SBG to Standards Based History

After each marking period or at the end of the school year the Standards Based Grade (SBG) reporting table can be rolled into the Standards Based Grade History (SBH) table and will display in the Elementary Transcript. Select the Marks to be rolled over into history. Click on the Copy SBG to SBH button. 

Copy SBG to Standards Based History options

A message will display confirming that you want to copy the SBG grades to SBH. To continue click on the OK button. The SBG grades for the standards that were flagged to Include in Transcript in the Standards (STN) table will be copied over to the history table along with the year and grade of the student. Comments do not roll to history ONLY the selected marks.

Display and Update Standards Based History  

Navigate to Standards Based Grades > Standards Based History

After the Standards Based Grades have been copied to history, the student information can be viewed and updated. 

Standards Based History

  1. Click the Edit icon for the record that needs to be updated.

    Standards Based History - editing a mark

    NOTE:  Changes made in Standards Based Grade History WILL NOT update Standards Based Grades.

  2. Specify the data you want to view.  
    • Student#, Student ID, Student Name, Grade, and Gender are copied from Standards Based Grades (SBG) and cannot be changed.
    • Comment - (STU.CO2) - Add a comment for the record as needed.
    • Filter School Year - Select a school year to view/print history information by a particular school year.
    • Filter Category - Select an SBG category to view/print history for a particular category.

  3. Click Print to print the elementary transcript for the student displayed. To print transcripts for multiple students, use Reports > Standards Grades > Elementary Transcript.

Navigate to Standards Based Grades > Reports > Elementary Transcript

It can also be run for a single student from the Print button on the Standards Based Grades > Standards Based History page

When the Elementary Transcript is run from the Reports area a selection box will display with the following Transcript Report options:

  • Teachers - select an individual Teacher to print a class set, or select All teachers
  • Grades - select an individual Grade or All grades
  • Print Shading – print shading in every other column to differentiate the years
  • Use District Name – print District name on transcript instead of school name
  • Double Side Printing - allows for duplex printing. It will print a blank page where needed
  • Include Inactive Students - include inactive students in the student list
  • Print Contacts -  print Contact information on the transcript. This option will print the first five contacts from the Contacts (CON) table.
  • Select Contact to Print – select the Contacts to print on the transcript

Print Elementary Transcripts report options

After the selections have been made click on the Run Report button. The following is an example of the Elementary Transcript.

Elementary Transcript - Demographic information and Standard marks

Elementary Transcript - Enrollment History and Explanation of Marks

Student demographic information prints at the top of the first page along with up to five contacts from the Contacts (CON) table based on the Print Contacts option. 

When the report is generated, the student's standards in Standards Based Grade History (SBH) will be printed along with the year, grade and marks received for that standard. The standards in the SBH table are those that are flagged to Include in Transcript from the Standards form. 

The bottom of the page prints the student’s Enrollment History (ENR) from the District database and the Explanation of Marks.