Session Description

In “Grade Reporting for Secondary Schools - Setup, Configuration & Initialization”, participants will gain a thorough understanding of the setup, configuration, and initialization processes involved in grade reporting for secondary schools. The course will cover essential timelines and procedures for setting up and initializing the grade reporting cycle, ensuring accurate and efficient reporting.  

Session Content

In this session, participants will: 

  • Recognize the key features and functions of the Grade Reporting Dashboard in Aeries 

  • Identify the forms and tables within Aeries and their relevance to the grade reporting process 

  • Explain the process of configuring report card options in Aeries, including valid marks and multiple mark headings 

  • Recall the steps to populate language translations for report card elements in Aeries 

  • Summarize the essential knowledge and skills required to set up, configure, and initialize the grade reporting cycle in secondary schools 

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