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Fatal Errors in CALPADS  


CALPADS has implemented the following changes as of the 2023-2024 school year. It is important to read the documentation links for detailed information on the necessary changes made in Aeries to accommodate the 2023-2024 CALPADS changes.

As part of the changes implemented in Aeries, a new date field will display on the CALPADS Extracts > Enrollment Update > SENR tab. The date will default to 09/19/2023 which is the effective date for the CALPADS rollover and this date will trigger 3 changes to take effect beginning in the 2023-2024 academic year as of 9/19/2023. This date should not be modified unless CALPADS makes adjustments to their CALPADS rollover date.

This effective date will impact the:

  • SENR - Graduation Exemption Indicator (STU.GEX)
  • SINF - Parent Education Level (CON.ELV)
  • SELA - Primary Language Codes for translations in STU.HL

NOTE:  On 09/19/2023, a red warning message will appear indicating that a new SENR ODS file is needed due to the new layout format. LEA must download a new ODS for the SENR file that will align with the changes implemented by CALPADS after their rollover date.

CALPADS Cross Reference by Aeries Page

CALPADS Cross Reference by Extract

CALPADS Extracts - Code Translations Tab

SENR Extract - Graduation Exemption Indicator  

Pursuant to SB 532, LEAs will be required to report whether a student graduated with an exemption from local graduation requirement. Data will be collected as a new indicator field (Y/N) via Student Enrollment (SENR) file type for all exited students with E230/100 (high school graduate). The list of eligible students can be found in SB 532.

Due to this change, the LEAs will be required to upload a new ODS file as of the CALPADS rollover date (09/19/2023) as the layout file will be different to include an additional column. Details on how to process an SENR ODS file as well as additional information related to the Graduation Exemption Indicator, see documentation below.

CALPADS Extracts - Enrollment Update Changes as of 8/25/2022

Graduates, Completers and Matriculators

How does a district report graduating and matriculating students in Aeries?

SINF Extract  

Beginning 2023-2024 school year, LEAs will be required to submit both the First Name and Last Name for each Parent/Guardian as well as the highest education level for each Parent/Guardian submitted to CALPADS in the SINF extract file as of the 09/19/2023 CALPADS rollover date. The SINF extract will pull the Parent Education Level from the Contacts table (CON.ELV) for the defined Parent/Guardian according to the District Settings

It is important that users select the option to Extract SINF for ALL Students when extracting all students for the first time after the 9/19/2023 date. The reason is that when the SINF extract is created without the option selected, it will only extract students that have a CON.ELV record contained in the LGD table. Since CALPADS is expecting all parents to be submitted with Highest Parent Ed levels, it's critical to run this for all students initially. 

It is recommended that users ensure their CON tables are up-to-date and include parent/guardian records for both parents and that the CON.ELV has been updated for each parent record. 

See the following documentation for information on SINF extracts and Parent Education Levels.

Managing Contacts/Identifying Guardians for SINF Extract

CALPADS Extracts - Enrollment Update Tab NEW - Updated 08/25/2022

NOTE:  All changes will take effect on 09/19/2023. A new ODS file must be downloaded prior to creating a new SENR extract as of 09/19/2023.

Language Codes

As of September 19, 2023 (CALPADS rollover date), CALPADS will shift from the current two-character language code set to a three-character language code set based on the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 639-2, along with additional specific language codes from ISO 639-3. The new CALPADS Language Code Set will offer over 400 additional language codes for LEAs to report the languages spoken by students and their families.

Aeries has implemented these 3-character language code changes in an update as of 9/19/2023. Aeries will automatically re-map the current Code Translations for STU.HL from the 2-character language code to the new 3-character language code on the effective date shown in the new trigger field, scheduled for 9/19/2023. This process will occur when the CALPADS Extracts > Code Translations for STU.HL is loaded and the current date is on or after the date show in the Effective Date for SY 2023-2024 changes field. Only currently mapped codes will get translated automatically. Custom codes will need to be translated by the LEA.

See the following documents for information on Language Codes:

What are the new CALPADS Language Codes

How do I add a new CALPADS 3-character Language Code to Aeries

Transitional Kindergarten Grade Level  

As of 7/1/2023, Local Educational Agencies (LEAs) should now submit the Transitional Kindergarten (TK) grade level to CALPADS for those students enrolling in a TK program. 

New Transitional Kindergarten - The Transitional Kindergarten Grade Level (TK) was added to Grade Level translations. TK students will be extracted in all extracts with the new grade level. The Define Grade Level page will be used to determine the TK grade level in Aeries. A warning message is displayed if the translation does not apply to the school year in which the user is logged in. The SPRG extract no longer auto-generates program records with code 185 for Transitional Kindergarten.

See CALPADS Extracts - Code Translations Tab.

New Pathway to a High School Diploma for Students with Disabilities  

In California, the new alternate diploma is established which requires LEAs to exempt eligible students from graduation

requirements that are additional to statewide course requirements, and to award an alternate high school diploma to those students beginning with students who entered ninth grade in the 2022−23 school year.

LEAs will report students receiving the alternate diploma using School Completion Status code 102 – Pathway Diploma for Students with Disabilities. This code was added to the Code Translations dropdown and should be mapped to the local code.

School Completion Status Code 102 – Pathway Diploma for Students with Disabilities (effective 7/1/2023) can only be used for students meeting the following criteria:

  • On an IEP
  • Entered ninth grade in the 2022-23 Academic Year or later
  • Eligible to take the California Alternate Assessments
  • Completes state-standards aligned coursework needed to meet the state minimum graduation requirements

NOTE: The Pathway Diploma for Students with Disabilities applies to students who entered ninth grade in the 2022−23 school year or later. To account for students who may graduate early, in the 2023−24 school year, the School Completion Status code 102 may only be used for students meeting the alternate diploma high school graduation requirements in the 2023–24 academic year and who were in ninth grade in 2022−23. 

Fatal Errors in CALPADS  

These errors have become fatal errors as of the September 19, 2023. Prior to this year, the existing errors were only warnings. Errors identified as fatal errors, Input Validation Rules (IVRs), Data Discrepancies and Certification Data Discrepancies (CDDs) which LEAs must resolve in order to certify the submission. 

Error CodeError NameError Description
GERR0007Code submitted outside the effective date rangeThis error will occur if the primary language codes in any file submitted to CALPADS are the old two-character codes, because those codes have a retirement date of June 30, 2023.
SINF0551-IVRMissing Guardian 1 First Name

Guardian 1 First name is not populated and Guardian 1 Last name is populated


Missing Guardian 1 Last Name

Guardian 1 First name is populated and Guardian 1 Last name is not

SINF0553-IVR Missing Guardian 2 First Name

Guardian 2 First name is not populated and Guardian 2 Last name is populated

SINF0554-IVR Missing Guardian 2 Last NameGuardian 2 First name is populated and Guardian 2 Last name is not
SINF0555-IVR Missing Guardian 1 First Name or Guardian 1 Last NameGuardian 2 First Name or Guardian 2 Last Name is populated then Guardian 1 First Name and Guardian 1 Last Name must be populated
SINF0453-DDMissing Parent Guardian High Education Level Code

Field 2.38 – Parent Guardian 1 Highest Education Level Code


Parent Guardian 2 Highest Education Level Code

Field 2.50 – Parent Guardian 2 Highest Education Level Code

SENR0630Invalid Student School Completion Status for Graduation Exemption IndicatorIf Graduation Exemption Indicator is populated, then Student School Completion Status must equal 100 (Graduated).
SENR0631Invalid Graduation Exemption based on Enrollment Exit DateGraduation Exemption Indicator should not be populated if Enrollment Exit Date is before 7/1/2023.
SENR0632Missing Graduation Exemption IndicatorIf Student School Completion Status is equal to 100 (Graduated), then Graduation Exemption Indicator must be populated only if the Enrollment Exit Date is after 6/30/2023.
SENR0634Invalid use of Pathway Diploma for Student with Disabilities Completion CodeIf school completion code equals 102, then student must have been in grade 9 in the 2022−2023 school year or later.
SENR0519F1Special Education Exit Code for General Education StudentThe student was reported as graduating with a Special Education Certificate of Completion or a Pathway Diploma for Students with Disabilities, and the student is not a Student with Disabilities.
SENR0622Invalid Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Student AgeAs of July 1, 2023, students enrolled in Grade Level TK must be at least 4 years old as of September 1 in the current academic year or SENR0622 – Invalid Transitional Kindergarten (TK) Student Age will trigger upon input.
No Student Course Section Data for a Primarily Enrolled Student
The error occurs when a student had a primary enrollment on Information Day, October 4, 2023, and has no Student Course Enrollment (SCSE) records for the 2023–24 academic year.