Graduate/Completer/Matriculation (school completion status):

CALPADS uses the term “Graduate, Completer” to show graduates, completers and the student/school completion status used to determine the respective graduate type.  The objective is to collect a valid Student Exit Category (E230 for completer exit) and a School Completion Status (how did the student complete the school, i.e. Exit Code 100 – Graduate or Exit Code 480 – Promoted -matriculated).

The Grad Status (STU.HSG) field is primarily used for 12th grade or transfer students; however, it is used for promoted (matriculation) students as well.  It indicates the completion status for any student who meets the above criteria at this school.  Any value in the STU.HSG field will automatically populate the End of Year status of a 230 and a leave date in the SENR file that is created.

For Graduates:  DO NOT inactivate your graduates at the end of their 12th grade year unless there is a certain group that graduated and left school prior to the normal graduation date at the end of the school year.  This date will be used in the CALPADS SSID Enrollment file as a Withdrawal/Exit Date for enrollment as well as data extracts for the new CALPADS process. This applies to the Matriculating students also.

Personal Stu Email:  The New Year Rollover process will use this field to create new student portal accounts for students who are not rolling into the new year 

All files created use the CALPADS Cross Reference (XRF) table on the District extract form for defined translations.  The Completer Status Codes must be reviewed each new school year to assure there are no changes by CALPADS/CDE.  If so, they must be updated in the COD table (STU.HSG). 

Table from CALPADS File Specifications (CFS) Code Set:

Student Exit Category Code
Student Exit Category Name
Student left school after completing their academic program at this school, whether or not the completion resulted in high school graduation. This includes students who reach the maximum age for high school but do not have enough credits to graduate.

School Completion Status Code
School Completion Status Name


Graduated, standard HS diploma


Special Education certificate of completion


Adult Ed High School Diploma


Received a High School Equivalency Certificate (and no standard HS diploma)


Passed CHSPE (and no standard HS diploma)


Completed grade 12 without completing graduation requirements, not grad


Promoted (matriculated)

Additional reference is the CALPADS (CFS) Valid Code Combinations: