E155 Exit Code – Year End Enrollment Exit Same School

E156 Exit Code – 12th Grade Continued Enrollment

Exit code of E155-YearEndEnrlmntExitSameSchl and Exit code of E156-GD12ContinuedEd are required CALPADS codes for students who have completed a school year and will return to the same school the following year. Aeries will automatically extract all open enrollments within 14 calendar days of the last day of school with either an E155 or E156 depending on the student's grade level and completion status code. These codes will not display in Aeries. These codes will be included in the CALPADS SENR extract. The SENR file must be sent up at the end of the school year to close all open enrollments.

  • The only exceptions to this rule are the following: 
    • Open Enrollment records for students with Next Grade (STU.NG) = 13 (graduating seniors) will be excluded from this process and will NOT have an E155 or E156 exit code submitted. If the End of Year (STU.EOY) or the High School Graduation (STU.HSG) status fields are blank, the student's SENR record will NOT contain an exit code. This is by design, because every 12th grade student needs to have the correct end of year or completion code submitted.
    • Open Enrollment records for Secondary Enrollment Students will be closed out with the exit code of E170 as required by CALPADS.

E156-GD12ContinuedEd - If a12th grade student will be returning to school the next year (also known as a 5th year senior) and is not given a completion status, the student must be exited with code E156. The Next Grade (STU.NG) field needs to be changed from 13 to 12. If the STU.GR = 12 and the STU.NG = 12, the E156 Exit Code will be extracted in the SENR file. The student will also be rolled into the new year database. 

CALPADS-Other Options  

The option Auto-close Enrollment (E155 and E156) 14 Days Before the End of the School Year is available on the CALPADS Extracts - Other Options tab. This option will be enabled by default. If the extract process is performed within 14 Days before the end of the school year, the SENR extract will include these codes and insert them to student's who have no exit reason (STU.EOY or STU.HSG) and are still enrolled at the time the extract is performed. The code inserted will depend on the grade level and the next grade.

E155 YearEndEnrlmntExitSameSchl - Any student who is still enrolled at the end of the school year that is not Grade 12 and the extract is within 14 Days Before the End of the School Year will receive the E155 code. The Auto close Enrollment option must be enabled and is on by default.


E156 GD12ContinuedEd - Twelfth grade students who will return the following year will require the E156 exit reason applied at the end of the school year. This process will handle adding this as long as the STU.GR = 12, the STU.NG = 12 and the extract is within 14 Calendar Days Before the End of the School Year. The Auto close Enrollment option must be enabled and is on by default.

E150 Exit Code – Mid Year Enrollment Update

Exit code of E150 – Mid Year End Enrollment Update has been added to CALPADS. Aeries will automatically extract the E150 code for 440 – Program change attendance records for the following situations:

• Grade level, greater than 14 days before the end of the school year; or
• Student School Transfer Code; or
• District of Geographic Residence, or
• Enrollment Status Code - Currently we support changing from Enrollment Status code of 10 - Primary Enrollment to 50 - Non-ADA Enrollment

Note: Per CALPADS, the E150 exit code requires a new enrollment record at the same school within 1 day. Therefore, if the exit date is a Friday, the new enrollment start date will be a Saturday in the SENR file.

This code will be extracted throughout the year and will not display in Aeries, only in the CALPADS SENR extract.