Dealing with students who are active through the last day of school but who you know will not be returning to the school next year can be a bit challenging.  The End of Year Status (STU.EOY) field on Student Data 2 in Aeries Web Version can be used to identify the correct Exit Reason.  This can commonly happen for students who move to another school or district during the summer. 

NOTE: The use of the End of Year Status (STU.EOY), End of Year Next School Code (STU.ENS) and School Leave Date (STU.LD) on the Student Data 2 tab on the Student Demographics page does not prevent the student from rolling forward into the next year’s database. These fields are used for CALPADS reporting, not for the rollover process.

The Next School field (STU.NS) on the Student Data 1 tab on the Student Demographics page should be populated to determine which school the student will be added to in the New Year database. The STU.NS can be populated with either the current school code if they are returning to the same school in the New Year database, the Next School code that they will be attending if they are moving to a different school within the district, or with the Inactive School code if they are leaving the district.

For further information, see the CALPADS Student Withdrawal Data Population Chart