Changes in Gradebook for Flex Schools  

Managing Students  

Add Students Not in your Class  


The Gradebook allows teachers to setup all class assignments for their classes. The teacher can then enter scores received by the student for these assignments. 

The program will calculate the percentage of the maximum score that the student received. This will help determine the grade the student should receive in the class. Various options are available for teachers including a Rubric Grading option. Below is an example of the Scores by Class page.

Please refer to the full Gradebook Documentation for additional information regarding using all areas of Gradebook

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Changes in Gradebook for Flex Schools  

The Aeries Gradebook has been adjusted to support a Flex Scheduling type school. In a Flex Scheduling environment the Gradebook will show the Short Title (FTF.STI) from the Flex Periods page throughout the Gradebook where Period information is displayed. The Flex Calendar has also been adjusted throughout Gradebook to display Class Calendar information from the Class Calendar (CCL) table.

Examples of the Flex Period Short Title (FTF.STI) displaying are in the Gradebook header information area as well as the Scores by Class page.

When creating a new Gradebook, in addition to displaying the Flex Period Short Title (FTF.STI) under the Period column, the Meets On column will display the Class Calendar Short Title (CCL.STI).

The Flex Period Short Title will also display on Gradebook reports where applicable. 

Managing Students  


In order to add student into the gradebook, select the Manage Students tab. A red message will indicate if students need to be Added to or Dropped from your gradebook. 

Select the Add Students button to bring up the list of classes that contain students to be added or dropped from the class. Either individually select the dropdown next to each student to indicate Add or Do not Add the student(s) into the gradebook. Select the Add All Students to include all students with an action flag in the list. Select Save Changes to complete the process.

Add Students Not in your Class  

An option is available that allows students to be added to the gradebook from another teacher's class. In order for a teacher to have access to this option, the portal option setting under Gradebook must be enabled. See Portal Options Gradebook for more information.

On the Manage Students screen, select the Add Students Not in Your Classes button.

A window will display to allow a students to be added using Search by Student or Search by Class options.

Select the Search by Student option, then enter a name or partial name to search. Select the search icon to display the list of students that fit the criteria. Select the box to the left of the student(s) that will be added to the gradebook, then select Add Students button. 

For all elementary schools and Flex elementary schools using primary class tracking, the Search by Class option is available. This option allows a teacher to select from a specific teacher's class load. Once a teacher is selected, click the search icon and a list of students will display that are linked to the teacher. If the school is an elementary school, the students belonging to the Teacher via TCH will display. Only the students that have a grade level within the teacher's Lo and High grade (TCH.LO or TCH.HI) will display in the list.

If the elementary school is using Primary Class Tracking, the students will display based on the Section Staff Member (SSE) for the section in MST. Only Primary Classes will display with students. See Primary Class Tracking for information on Primary Classes.

Select the students who will be added to the gradebook by selecting the checkbox to the left of the Student ID, then select Add Students.

If the class is not a primary class (according to MST.PC), the list will display with No Student Found.