To enter scores for assignments for the entire class, select Scores By Assignment from any of the dashboard views. An Assignment dropdown will display when you click the mouse on Assignments in the header bar. At the top of the Assignment dropdown is a Search feature. The Search feature can be used to search for an assignment in the list. The Assignment Description or Assignment Number can be used in the Search box to search for existing assignments in the Gradebook assignment list.

An option to Add Assignment displays below the Assignment search feature. The existing assignments will display with the most current assignment at the top of the list grouped by Category. Select the assignment from the dropdown.

The following page will display. The assignment description and information will display at the top of the page with all students enrolled listed to the left of the page.

A link is available on the student name list on the left side of the Scores by Assignment page. Clicking on the student name will navigate to the Scores by Student page.

To the right of the student name on the Scores By Assignments page is a Profile and Calendar icon for each student.

Clicking on the Profile icon next to a student will navigate to the Student Profile for that student.

Clicking on the Calendar icon next to a student will navigate to the Attendance page for that student.

If the Teacher Portal group has Read permission to the Contacts (CON) table an additional Quick Contact icon will also display. Clicking n the Quick Contacts icon will display a contact list for the student. 

If the student has an Alias name populated, the alias will display below the student name in parentheses.

When clicking in a Score field for a student on the Scores By Assignment page, the row associated with the student will highlight in blue. The highlighting will remain on the selected student until the user moves to the score field of another student or until the page is refreshed.

An assignment link is available by clicking on the assignment name at the top of the page.

The Edit Assignment page will display for the selected assignment. Assignment data can be changed by using the Edit Assignment page.

Clicking on the arrows to the far left and far right of the assignment at the top of the page will move you to the previous or next assignment.

Clicking on the down arrow at the top of the Scores By Assignments page will show more assignment options.

The Only Display Students Missing Assignments option when checked will display only students that have been flagged as Grading Completed and who have no scores entered.

The score field will display in Orange.

The Sort Students by Custom Sort Field instead of Name option will sort the students in the custom sort order as defined on the Manage Students page.

All students and scores will display for the assignment selected. To select a different assignment click the mouse on the assignments dropdown from the list in the header.

Enter the Date Completed. Enter any text in the Comment field or select a pre-defined Status from the dropdown if needed. NOTE: All scores entered are saved immediately.

Import Scores from File

The Scores by Assignments page has an option to Import Scores from File. The accepted file formats for importing scores are .xlsx, .xls and .csv. The current required fields to import scores are Student ID and # Correct. If a header row is included on the Import file, the system will try and match the headers with the required fields.

To Import Scores into gradebook from a file click the Import Scores from File button on the Scores by Assignment page.

An Import Window will display. Click on the Select Files button.

Browse to select the file. If headers will be included, click on the Include Header? Option. To upload the file, click the Upload Files button.

The Import Window will display an area to assign the required fields to the columns. Select the correct required field from the dropdown for each column.

To remove a score in the file from being imported click on the x next to the score to not include.

After all selections have been made click on the Import Scores button. After import the scores will display in the gradebook.

Import Scores from Google Classroom

If the Aeries administrator has properly configured Google Classroom integration with Aeries, then the Import from Google button will display on the Scores by Assignment page. Click this button to import scores from your Google Classroom into this Aeries Gradebook assignment. 

Importing Assignments into Linked Gradebooks is not supported.  Only one Aeries Gradebook can be linked to a Single Google Classroom, if more than one Aeries Gradebook is linked, unexpected results may occur.

  • For Staff-Section schools, the associated Staff ID must have Full permissions to at least one Gradebook to enable the 'Import from Google' button (SSE.GBP = '' or 'F").
  • If the assignment in Aeries is using the Input By Standard option to enter a separate score for each standard, then the Import from Google button will be disabled because there is no way to link the single score in Google Classroom to the separate scores by standard in Aeries. The assignment can still have one or more standards linked to it, as long as Input By Standard is not checked.

To Import to an Existing Assignment in Gradebook:

A list of all your Google Classrooms will display. Click on the Classroom that contains the assignment whose scores who wish to import into Aeries.

After the Google Classroom is selected, a list of all assignments in that Classroom will display. Click the assignment that you wish to link to this Aeries Gradebook assignment.

The following confirmation message will display.

If the maximum points value on the Google assignment is not the same as the total points possible value in Aeries, the following warning will display instead. Click Confirm to import the scores anyway, bearing in mind that the percentages in Aeries will be impacted by this discrepancy.

Once you click Confirm, the scores from Google will be imported into Aeries for students who have a valid Google account known to Aeries. Only “returned” scores from Google Classroom will be imported. Depending on the size of the class, it can take up to 30 seconds to import scores from Google Classroom.

NOTE: Scores from Google will overwrite existing scores in Aeries.

When the import is completed, a summary will display the number of students whose scores were imported, as well as each student in the Aeries Gradebook for whom no score was imported. Click OK to return to the Scores by Assignment page, which will be refreshed with the newly imported scores.

Once a Google assignment has been linked to an Aeries assignment, that link will be remembered. If you click the Import from Google button again on the same assignment, the following message will display.

Click Confirm to import scores from the same Google assignment again. Click Change to display the list of your Google Classrooms and link to a different assignment instead. Each Aeries assignment can be linked to only one Google assignment at a time.

Auto Import Google Classroom Assignments

All Google Classroom assignments can be imported into your Gradebook(s) without having to first create assignments in your Gradebook(s). This can be done two ways:

    1.  Using an Import button on your Gradebooks Dashboard

    2. A nightly synchronize routine that will automatically import your Assignments.

If you have at least one Gradebook tied to a Google Classroom, an Import Assignments From Google button will display on your Gradebook Dashboard

Clicking this Button will take you to the Import Assignments From Google page. The page will display all Gradebooks tied to a Google Classroom. It will show the Gradebook name, the number of assignments currently in each Gradebook, the number of Assignments in the Google Classroom for that Gradebook and a link to the Google Classroom.

To Import Assignments from Google, select the Gradebooks you want to use, check whether you would like to Import Scores and click Import.

Note: This Import process is affected by the Import Assignments Already Marked as Grading Completed and Days Past Due Date To Include settings on the Google Classroom tab of the Google App Integration page. If you have marked 'Grading Complete' for an assignment, scores may still import if the setting is checked on Google Classroom page. If not, and you wish to override a 'Grading Complete' on an assignment, use the Import from Google option directly into the Assignment as outlined above. 

This will import the Assignments into your Gradebook using the Default Category that is set up. If no Categories have been set up, a Default 'Assignments' Category will be created and the Google imports will be assigned to that one.  After the 1st import you may assign a Category to the Assignment.

Once the Import process has started the text banner at the top will show the Assignment currently being imported

When the process finishes, the last Import date and time will display at the top.

Clicking on the Date/Time will show the results of the Import. It will display whether the Assignment already exists in the Gradebook, which Assignments were imported, any Scores that were imported, including which Students did not have Scores and any Scores which were updated.

At any time you may click the Stop Importing button to stop the process.  Clicking Return to Dashboard will take you back to the Gradebook Dashboard but the import process will continue to run.

The Assignments will appear in your Gradebook according to the Due date of the Assignment set in Google Classroom using the Default Category. Only the Assignment and the Scores will import. Any Documents or Media you had attached to the Assignment in Google Classroom will not import, neither will any Rubric scoring.  If no Due date was assigned in Google Classroom, then the Assignment will be imported with today's date.

If your Administrator has configured a nightly synchronization routine with Google, your Assignments and Scores can be imported on a regular basis.

Any Assignment marked 'Grading Complete' will not update during this process.

Export to Excel

The Export to Excel button will export assignment scores into an Excel file. Click on the Export to Excel button and an Excel file will automatically be created of the Scores by Assignment page data.

Mass Assign Values

Click the mouse on the down arrow on the Assignments page on the assignment to display the Mass Assign Values button. This function can be used to mass add or change data. For example, if all students turned in the assignment on time a default date can be entered and all assignments will be updated with the same Date Completed.

Clicking on the Mass Assign Values button will display a dropdown of fields that can be updated and the Mass Assign Values button will change to Hide Mass Assign.

Click on the dropdown next to the “Set the” field to display the fields that can be updated:

Select the field to update, such as Number Correct. To the right of the field, enter a value to be added to all student’s class assignments. To overwrite existing values, click the mouse on the Overwrite existing values? check box. A check mark will display to Overwrite existing Values. Click the mouse on the Save Mass Changes button.


NOTE: If Overwrite Existing Values is not selected only blanks will be changed in the field selected. 

The form will now display default changes made to all student’s class assignments. In the example below, all students now have a score of 9 for the assignment.

Click the mouse on the down arrow on the Assignments page on the assignment to display the Show Stats button. After all class scores are entered clicking on the Show Stats button will display statistical calculations for the assignment.

Quick Data Entry

Quick Data Entry can be used to quickly enter scores for a student on the Scores by Assignment page. Click the mouse on the down arrow on the Assignments page on the assignment to display then click on the Quick Data Entry button.

To enter scores using the Quick Data Entry method click on the Quick Data Entry button.

The following Quick Data Entry box will display.

Select a student from the Student dropdown list or enter the first characters of the student’s first or last name. Click the mouse on the correct student to select.

Press Tab to move to the score field and type in the score. Press Tab again for the score to be saved and to return to the Student field to select the next student.

The updated scores will be saved immediately and will display on the Score pages. 

Portal Option Require Teachers to Use Standards' Mark Types for Assignment Scores (SBG Gradebooks Only) 

When the Portal Option Require Teachers to Use Standards' Mark Types for Assignment Scores (SBG Gradebook Only) is used the score fields on the Scores by Assignment page will change to drop-downs that align with appropriate mark values available to the teacher based on the assignment Due Date. Please see Standards - Applying Different Mark Types to Terms for more information.