To enter scores by student, select Scores by Student from any of the dashboard views. The gradebook students will display in a dropdown list. Active students will display at the top of list followed by Inactive students. Select the student from the dropdown.

The following page will display for the selected student. The student’s name will display on the top middle of the page and the gradebook assignments will be listed to the left.

A link is available on the assignment list on the left side of the Scores by Student page. Clicking on the assignment name will navigate to the Scores by Assignment page.

To the left of the student name on the Scores By Student page is a Student picture. Clicking on the picture will navigate to the Student Profile of that student.

Clicking on the Calendar icon on the right side of the student name will navigate to the Attendance page for that student.

If the Teacher Portal Group has been given Read permission to the Contacts (CON) table a Quick Contacts icon will also display. Clicking on this icon will bring up a Quick Contact list for the student. 

If the student has an Alias name populated, the alias will display below the student name in parentheses.

On the top left side of the Scores By Student page, the student’s current mark and % will display. This will adjust automatically as scores are modified for the student.

On the top right side of the Scores By Student page the student’s ID number and Student Number (SN) will be displayed.

When clicking in a Score field on the Scores By Student page, the row associated with the student will highlight in blue. The blue highlighting will remain on the selected student until the user moves to the score field of another student or until the page is refreshed.

The students gradebook start and end date will display under the students name. Clicking on the Change this link will navigate to the Manage Students page.

The Only Show Missing Scores option when checked will only display assignments that have been checked as Grading Completed with no scores entered. The score field will display in Orange.

All class assignments will display for the student selected. Click the mouse in the # Correct (Score) field. Enter the score received and press Enter. If the Max Score needs adjusting enter the new value.

The Date Completed field will auto-populate with the assignment due date, adjust if necessary. Enter Comments in the field below and select a Status Reason from the dropdown if needed.

NOTE: Gradebook Assignment Status Codes can be added in the Code table for Table GBS and field ST.

After the class assignments have been setup the student’s scores can be entered and tracked. As the scores are entered the percentage of the grade is calculated. Click on the down arrow below the students name at the top center of the page.

The following points summary will display for the selected student.

If using the Gradebook option for Weight Formative\Summative Assignments, the Scores By Student page will display the Formative and Summative percent along with the Category percent.

If the Grading Complete field displays No the assignment will not count towards the final grade and the percentage of grades at the bottom of the screen will not re-calculate regardless if the due date has been reached. If Yes displays, the assignment will be counted as a zero until a score has been entered and after the score has been entered the percentage of the grade will be re-calculated.