From the Dashboard page an Add/Drop Students message will display in red if there are students pending addition or removal from the gradebook.

Click the mouse on the Add/Drop Students button and the following Enter/Leaves Window will display.

Click the mouse on All Entering Students to display gradebooks. Click the mouse on a gradebook. Use the scroll bar on the right side of the form to view all gradebooks and students pending.

NOTE: Teachers must click on the Add/Drop Students button when the button is RED. Students are not automatically added or dropped from the gradebooks like they are for the attendance page unless the Gradebook option to automatically add/drop students has been enabled. The teacher must manage the students in their gradebooks.

Click the mouse on the Add All Students button on the top of the page to add all students. This will add all pending students to all gradebooks displayed.

NOTE: If using multiple Gradebook Terms, students added will display in all terms of the gradebook.

The Enters/Leaves Window will be blank to indicate no other students are pending into the gradebook. Click on the Close button.

To enter students individually into the gradebook, click the mouse on the dropdown under the Action column. The options of Add or Do Not Add will display. Select the appropriate action. Click the mouse on the Save Changes button.

To the far right of the form two fields display, Start Date and End Date. These fields are used to determine the assignments a student is accountable for if they are added to a class or leaving a class. Students added to a class after the class started or leaving a class may not be responsible for certain assignments. Enter in the Start Date they are responsible for when adding this student. Enter the due date of the last assignment this student is responsible for in the End Date field.

For example, Natthakarn Boissiere started the class on 1/23/2014 and will not be responsible for assignments with due dates before 1/23/2014. 

The End Date is used for students who have left the class. Enter an End Date and the student will not be responsible for assignments with due dates after the students gradebook End Date.

For example, Anne Marie Breceda left the class on 8/5/2014 and will not be responsible for assignments with due dates after 8/5/2014.

Teachers can import any student into their gradebook if the System Administrator has selected the option in Portal Options. If the option is selected, teachers will see an Add Students Not in Your Classes button on the Manage Students tab.

To add new students into a gradebook, click the mouse on the Add Student button. The following form will display. To Search by Student, enter a name or partial name in the search box and hit Enter.

A list of students will display. Only students within the defined grade range of the teacher will be displayed.

Click on the box to the left of the student’s name to select. Click the mouse on the Add Students button at the bottom of the page to add them to the gradebook. The student will now be included in the list of students on the Manage Students form for the selected gradebook.

NOTE: To set the grade range for the teacher, in Aeries enter a Low Grade and Hi Grade value on the Teachers form.

A Search by Class option is available for teachers in elementary schools without a Master Schedule. A dropdown list of teachers with the same low and high grade ranges will display. When a teacher is selected, a student list will display.