Prior to entering Gradebook Assignments, the Categories or assignment types must be setup. A Category contains a description and a percent of grade that this Category will receive, if using the Use Weighted Scoring option.

NOTE:  If using multiple Gradebook Terms the following options all apply to all terms of the gradebook.

If linking gradebooks, you must link gradebooks before adding category types or assignments. Linking before adding categories will result in only having to add the categories one time and they will apply to all the gradebooks in the linked group. To enter Categories to a new gradebook, an Add Categories option will be available on each dashboard view. Categories can also be added from the Manage page and the Categories tab. Colors can be added to Categories which will then display on the Scores by Class page.

The teachers existing gradebooks will display in the gradebook dropdown on the top left of the page.


To add a Category click the mouse on the Add New Category button. Enter the description of Category and the percent of grade that this Category will receive if using the Doing Weighted Scoring option. An example of a Category type is Homework. Use the tab key and click on the Add New Category button to add additional Categories. Click the mouse on the Save button when completed.

A message will display below the Categories indicating the Category types total has NOT reached 100% for the assignment types that have been setup. Add all assignment types.

After ALL Category types have been entered and the % of Grade totals 100% the message will no longer display.

NOTE: A maximum of 36 Categories can be added to a single Gradebook. Exceeding this limit will cause the user to be unable to see and utilize the Categories.

Changes can also be made to Category Types after they are setup. Select the Category and re-enter the information to be changed. Click the mouse on the Save button.

The Doing Weighted Scoring option will default to base a student’s final grades by percentage instead of total points. To change this option, click the mouse on the box to remove the check mark. The % percent column will not display and the student’s final grade will be based on total points.

NOTE: If the Doing Weighted Scoring is turned off, the student’s final grades will be based on total points. Also, the % of Grade column will no longer display. 

Colors can be assigned to categories. If a category is assigned a color that color will display on the Scores by Class page at the top of the assignment column.

To add a color to a category, Click the mouse on the Color dropdown to the right of the Category name. Select a color and then click on Save.

After a color is selected it will display on the Categories page. To remove a color from a category click the Remove Color button.

After colors have been added to Categories, they will display on the Scores by Class page as a color strip at the top of the assignment column.

The Scores by Class page will also display a legend at the bottom of the page for the Category colors being used. Hovering the mouse over the Category icon will display a menu of what colors are associated with what category.