The Gradebook Options form allows you to select various options for each gradebook. Click the mouse on Manage Gradebooks from the dashboard page. Click the mouse on the Options tab. The following page will display with the selected gradebook name on the top of the form.

NOTE: If using multiple Gradebook Terms the following options all apply to all terms of the gradebook.

  • Use a Rubric Grading Scale to Compute Total Grade - This option will accommodate rubric scoring. When this gradebook option is selected, all assignments will default to Rubric scoring. Numeric values entered greater than 0 will be averaged and percentages will not display. The calculations for rubric grading changes from a system where every assignment's numeric score and max score is added up and divided to get a percentage to a system where only the rubric values are added up and then divided by the number of items totaled.

Below is an example of a rubric gradebook (non Standards-Aligned) with 3 assignments and the calculations for the average:

#1 Aceves, Alexi 3 assignments totaling 12 divided by 3 = 4.0

#2 Aguiar, Allison 3 assignments totaling 10 divided by 3 = 3.3

NOTE: The Rubric option should only be used on new gradebooks and not on existing gradebooks with scores already submitted. This option applies to all linked gradebooks.

Even with the Rubric option selected, assignments can be added and the Rubric option can be deselected at the assignment level. These non-rubric assignments will not calculate into the student’s total average.

  • Weight Scores of Assignments by Category – this option indicates whether total points grading or weighted type grading is used to determine students’ overall grades. This allows you to give more precedence to one category over another. Examples would be 'Tests' and 'Homework'. This option is also available on the Categories tab. This option is not applicable to Standards-Aligned Rubric Gradebooks. 

  • Apply Assignment Scores Immediately - normally a score will not count toward a student’s overall grade until the Grading Completed checkbox for an assignment is checked. This option will make any assignment with a score count in the overall mark no matter what the Grading Completed. This option will default On for new gradebooks.
  • Set Grading Completed Automatically? - If this option is enabled, an assignment will be set as Grading Completed automatically once every student associated with the assignment has either been given a valid score or has been marked as missing for the assignment. 
  • Apply weighting to Formative & Summative Assignments - this option allows teachers to weight Formative and Summative Assignments separately in calculating the overall grade for the class or for a standard. This option is Not Applicable to Standards-Aligned Rubric Gradebooks.

The system will first use total points and weighted categories (if enabled) to determine a percentage for "Formative" and "Summative" assignments and then will use the defined weight factors to produce a final score. Click on the arrows or drag the slider to the desired percentages.


  • Scale Min/Max Assignment Values in Total Grade - This option allows teachers to implement what is commonly known as a Scale. When defined, assignments that would normally count above or below the assigned range are brought into the range when the system calculates the "value" of the assignment. This allows teachers to leave an assignment missing or give a low grade, but have that assignment still count as 50%. This can be a tool used to lessen the impact of the "Double 0 Problem" with missing or poorly completed assignments. This option cannot be used with the “Rubric” option.

If using the Min/Max Assignment Values option, all scores will display as they were entered in the scores field but the Total Percent column will calculate on the Min or Max value if the score goes below or above the set values.

In the example below, the first 2 students have scores below the min value of 50%. The total Percent calculates based on the minimum value instead of the actual score. The 4th student has a score above the maximum value of 100%. Her total percent calculates based on the maximum value of 100% instead of the actual score of 110.

  • Add/Drop Students Automatically when loading Scores by Class page – Browsing to the Scores by Class page will automatically trigger the Add/Drop students process based on course attendance information.

  • Hide the Overall Percentage / Trend Analysis Score - If “Me” is selected, overall student scores/percentages will NOT be displayed in the Admin and Teacher Portals. If “Parents / Students” is selected, overall student scores/percentages will NOT be displayed in the Student and Parent Portal. The two checkboxes here work independently of one another.

  • Display the Final Mark – If “Me” is selected, overall student marks (i.e., letter grades) will be displayed in the Admin and Teacher Portals. If “Parents / Students” is selected, overall student marks will be displayed in the Student and Parent Portal. The two checkboxes here work independently of one another. This option is also available on the Final Marks tab.

  • Display the Point Ratio – displays the point ratio (total points/points possible) on the scores by class page. This option is only available for points based gradebook

  • Display Dropped Students For– This option allows a teacher to specify a number of days to display dropped students in their gradebook on the Scores by Class page. This option replaces the previous option Hide Dropped Students. Setting this option value to 0 will display no dropped students. Adding a value greater than 0 will display the dropped students for less than or equal to the number of days specified

  • Hide this gradebook from Parents and Students – If selected, this option will hide the gradebook from the Parent and Student portals. This option is only available if enabled by the System Administrator.

  • Display Student ID Below the Student Name - If enabled the Student ID number will display under the Student Name instead of the Alias Name. Hovering the mouse over the Student ID number will display hover text that contains both the ID and the Alias. This feature applies to the Scores by Assignment, Scores by Class and Scores by Standards pages. 

  • Group Assignments Menu by Category – If selected the assignments drop down list will display by Category.

  • Sort Assignments on Scores By Class by – There are four choices for this option. Sort by Assignment Due Date Ascending, Assignment Due Date Descending, Assignment Number Ascending and Assignment Number Descending. The Scores By Class page will honor whichever choice is selected.

    The Gradebook Options area has a Copy Options to Gradebooks button. This option allows a teacher to copy the current gradebook’s options to other gradebooks. To copy options, click the mouse on the Copy Options to Gradebooks button.

  • The following form will display. The form will show the current gradebook’s options. Adjustments can be made by selecting or deselecting options. Once the appropriate selections are made click the mouse on the Next button

A form will display to select the gradebooks to copy the current gradebook’s options to. Select the appropriate gradebooks and then click the mouse on the Copy Options button.

NOTE: Copying options to other Gradebooks will override the existing options in the destination gradebooks. 


The options will be copied and a message will display indicating that the copy has completed.